Full Extreme Wins Road March | Trinidad and Tobago 2017

The results are in and it was a massacre for the 2017 Road March Competition in Trinidad and Tobago. The Monk was severely beaten by the Rejects. Full Extreme by the Ultimate Rejects bludgeoned the competition. 

I am sure that not even Machel Montano expected this... do you remember the video of him talking about the Road Macrch locked (Beat It). I said from the beginning that "Your Time Now" was the better song and that he should have promoted it instead of looking to release a 'super track'. However, everyone expected a second song and that they got but it was to no avail. 

This was an epic trashing... the results speak volumes for what the people wanted. Full Extreme destroyed Machel Montano... the Monk has to retreat and recuperate!

Here are the Official Results:
  1. Full Extreme - 556 plays
  2. Your Time Now - 72 plays
  3. Beat It - 18 plays
Watch the video, especially his facial expression, as he announced that he was working on his 'New Song' to win the Road March Competition. How did that work out?


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