Voice Repeats As ISM Soca Monarch 2017 | T'dad/Tobago

The results are in and we have a repeat Monarch! Aaron "Voice" St. Louis retained his title as International Soca Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. Voice had to overcome some technical difficulties at the National Stadium to defeat a determined slate of contestants singing to win the coveted title of International Soca Monarch.

The initial false start by Voice could have thrown off some performers; then again, the judges could have been 'adversely affected' and scored the performance differently (not in Voice's favor). In the end, he prevailed and won the title and became the repeat champion. Maybe it was Voice's positive message, hid demeanor on stage and his ability to rise above a difficult start that cemented his victory. Then again, and this is a recurring situation, many of the contestants fail miserably delivering a live performance. They like to run and jump on the stage, become winded and loose their ability to sing properly. Some of the singers disappointed last night. It is our view that there was only one person who sounded the same live on stage as the recording. That person was Ella Andall who sang with Devon Matthews... she was just amazing last night.

Voice performed at position number 21 and sang his very popular song entitled "Far From Finished". He proved that he is the future and his quality song enabled him to prevail over second place contestant Orlando Octave.  Single, by Octave, is a monster YouTube hit with over 2.5 million views. Devon Matthews placed third with his African Spiritual hit song entitled 'D Journey'. Devon brought on Ella Andall to accompany him and she wad just awesome. In fourth place was Neil "Iwer" George with his song entitled "Take Ah Bathe".  Both Iwer and Ravi B were the first ones to bring some excitement to the audience at the National Stadium.

The singers from across the Caribbean Basin added real Carribbean legitimacy to the competition and there will be some complaints. One can assume that many were disappointed but in the end the majority of those in attendance were pleased that 'Voice' repeated as Monarch. 

Here are the top four positions; Voice is your 'Repeat Monarch':
Name of Singer
  1. Aaron St. Louis 
  2. Orlando Octave
  3. Devon Matthews
  4. Neil George
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Voice
  2. Orlando
  3. Devon Matthews
  4. Iwer (The Boss)
  1. Far From Finished
  2. Single
  3. D Journey
  4. Take Ah Bathe
This is the Winning Performance for ISM Soca Monarch 2017. The HD quality video come to you via NH Productions TT

Here is the official music video for "Far From Finished".  This is the song that won the title for Voice to crown him the International Soca Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago's 2017 Carnival. 


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Anonymous said…
How could Iwer George even be in the ISM finals,far more in the top four. Shame on you judges! Shame!
Hya said…
Fortunate to view ISM last night. Continue uplifting your fellow men Voice. Excellent lyrics. Congrats to all performances. Remember Jesus said, "I give you a new commandment love one another".
Unknown said…
What happened to the other finalist of the soca competition I will like to know there placement in the competition
Anonymous said…
Good Luck Aaron, fantastic Lyrics, I am a big fan since last year, I hope you are the break out Artiste to go as far as this music should be taken.