Small Band Finals | Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2017

Tonight is the night when the Arima Golden Symphony will defend the title they won last year. It is time for the Petrotrin/Pan Trinbago National Panorama Small Band Finals 2017.

Fourteen bands move on to the finals but because there was a tie for fourteenth place we now have fifteen bands competing in the finals. at Skinner Park in San Fernando, Trinidad tonight. 

The 'Small Bands' now have a night of their own... something different for Carnival 2017! We will pot the links for any live television broadcasts and the radio feeds. 

Results/Points/Finalists Scored for the Small Bands Category Panorama 2017
Name of Band
  1. Tobago Pan-Thers
  2. Old Tech
  3. Our Boys
  4. LH Pan Groove
  5. Tornadoes
  6. Tamana Pioneers
  7. Fusion Steel
  8. Laventille Serenaders
  9. Uptown Fascinators
  10. Arima Golden Symp
  11. C&B Crown Cordaans
  12. Petrotrin Siparia Deltones
  13. Longdenville Claytones
  14. Fascinators Pan Symp
  15. T&TEC New E. S. Dim
Name of Song
  1. Cheers To Life
  2. Ooh La La 
  3. Good Morning
  4. In De Minor
  5. Spankin
  6. Dollar Wine
  7. Magic Drum
  8. First Place
  9. Good Morning
  10. Champions
  11. Flag Party
  12. Burn Dem 
  13. Soca Baptist
  14. Unforgettable
  15. Wine On Something
  1. Kenneth Clarke
  2. Sean Ramsey 
  3. Anslem Campbell
  4. Kion Robinson 
  5. Shervon Edwards
  6. Richard Gittens
  7. Dike Samai
  8. Arddin Herbert
  9. Ojay Richards'
  10. Terrence Marcelle
  11. Khari Codrington
  12. Carlton Alexander
  13. Steve Salcedo
  14. Yohan Popwell
  15. Ken Philmore

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