Machel Montano vs Ultimate Rejects | Road March Wars 2017

It is your time now to make the ultimate decision. You can reject one candidate with extreme prejudice or decide it is the right time to crown a new Road March Champion for Carnival 2017... that decision rests with you, the ultimate consumer of the music. We have two candidates in Machel Montano with a song entitled "Your Time Now" and the Ultimate Rejects with one entitled "Full Extreme". Both songs are deserving but only one will emerge as winner... game on!

If Machel Montano wins the Road March Title for Carnival 2017 he will make it four straight equaling the Roaring Lion's record set from 1935 to 1938. Can it be done? Of course anything is possible but it will be a challenge this year with the Ultimate Rejects monster hit 'Full Extreme' leading the pack.

Now here is the interesting thing. Machel has a solid history with the Carnival Band Leaders. If you know the history of the Road March Competition you would know that it is the Carnival Masquerade Bands that determine the outcome of this competition as it exists today.The Ultimate Rejects are new to this game.

Can the Ultimate Rejects prevail? It all depends on the Band Leaders preference for the song to be played at the judging points. Advantage goes to Machel but if the popularity of Full Extreme continues to prevail the it would only take collusion on the part of MM and the Bandleaders to ensure that he prevails for Carnival 2017.

Here is another way to look at "Your Time Now". If this song was not sung by Machel Montano would you be representing "Your Time Now" for the Road March?

So there you have it, the King of Soca vs the discarded ones, the Ultimate Rejects. Now don't fool yourselves into thinking that the race is open and anyone can take it. Just like 'back in the day' when Sparrow and Lord Kitchener battled it was always a 'two horse race' and that is the case this year. Place your bets!

2014 - Machel Montano HD - MOR (Ministry of Road)
2015 - Machel "Monk Monte" Montano - Like Ah Boss
2016 - Machel Montano - Waiting on the Stage
2017 - Machel Montano or Ultimate Rejects?

We have an addendum to the post. It appears that Machel Montano is working on a song to be released to challenge for the Road March Title. Check out the video below... he said it! We also took a look at Machel's Instagram photos and we believe that Kit Israel worked on the new song. Now we know the name of the song is "Beat It" (posted below). Monk Monté (MM) appropriately named the song 'Beat It'. Now this new song (Beat It) along with 'Your Time Now' will split the votes making it easier for Full Extreme to take the Road March Title....

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