Kaisorama Results | Trinidad and Tobago 2017

The Competition took place this evening at the National Academy For The Performing Arts (NAPA). The results for each category are as follows:

Social Commentary
Name of Singer
  1. Terri Lyons (Winner)
  2. Sasha Ann Moses
  3. Lornette Nedd-Reid
Name of Song
  1. The Phrase
  2. Main Witness
  3. Guilty
Political Category
Name of Singer
  1. Maria Bhola La Caille (Winner)
  2. Victoria Cooper-Rahin
  3. Selvon Noel (Mistah Shak)
Name of Song
  1. My First Lady
  2. The Call To Prayer
  3. Twilight Zone
Humorous Category 
Name of Singer
  1. Myron Bruce (Winner)
  2. Heather Mac Intosh
  3. Haven Charles (Snakey)
Name of Song
  1. More Bad Than Me
  2. The Finger
  3. Nice Toes
Extempo Category
Name of Singer
  1. Winston 'Gypsy' Peters (Winner)
  2. Phillip 'Black Sage' Murray

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