Chutney Soca Monarch 2017 | Trinidad

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Chutney Soca Monarch and World Ultimate Chutney Challenge Results | Trinidad and Tobago 2017

The show went into the early hours of Sunday and when the results came in there was a sigh... it was a tie for first place. Omardath Maraj and Ravi B tied for first place with last year's winner, KI Persad, in third place.

Omardath Maraj sang his very popular 'Ramsingh' at position number nine while Ravi B sang his song entitled 'Budget' at number seven. Last year's winner KI Persad sang in position number nine. Ravi B jabbed at KI with some improvised lyrics during his performance. The tie for first place was accepted as a good decision by the judges.

The real surprise of the night's proceedings was the surprise winner for the World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge. The surprise winner of the night came when Chris Garcia was judged winner of the first World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge.

Chutney Soca Monarch Results:
1 - Omardath Maraj - Ramsingh (Tie for First Place)
1 - Ravi B - Budget (Tie for First Place)
3 - Ki Persad - Same Gyal Twice

The prize monies awarded for 2017 are now as follows:
Chutney Soca Monarch
1st $500,000
2nd $150,000
3rd $75,000
4th – 10th $25,000 each

© Photo courtesy 103fm Trinidad
World Ultimate Chutney Results
1 - Chris Garcia (Winner)
2 - Rikki Jai
3 - Adesh Samaroo
The prize monies awarded for 2017 are now as follows:
1st $100,000
2nd – 10th $20,000

Ravi B's Chutney Soca Finals Performance
Omardath Maraj's Chutney Soca Finals Performance
Chris Garcia's World's Ultimate Chutney Challenge Performance

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Congrats ravi B,omardath maharaj,KI and all the others i will like to say congratulation