Chalkdust Wins Calypso Monarch Title #9 | Trinidad 2017

Chalkdust Wins Number Nine | Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago 2017

What happened at the Queen's Park Savannah last night?  Kaisorama was exciting and fun but the Calypso Monarch Competition bordered on boring last night. Who hit the mark?  Well I can't say because I was a little numb watching the show. It came to an end and I was wondering who won? 

From the onset I had two contestants that I thought could win it based on the performances at the semi finals aka Kaisorama. I picked Terri Lyons and Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust. They both performed well but so did many of the singers. Something was missing from the show but that did not take away from the feeling of joy the winner experienced.

Waiting on the results was like a visit to the dentist to have a tooth removed. It could have been done better but the tribute to the Icons did not move along smoothly. The performances by the guest singers lacked conviction and it felt like they wanted to get off the stage quickly. Bunji Garlin's voice needs rest, Fay Ann was good but someone forgot to turn on the volume to Super Blue's microphone! Kreesha Turner, Ormardath Maraj, Raymond Ramnarine and Ravi B tried to add some life to the event but the stands appeared to be empty already.

Then came the results... Dr. Hollis Liverpool now stands alone with the most wins as Calypso Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago. Chalkdust won title number nine breaking a tie with the Mighty Sparrow. Sokah2Soca extends congratulations to Dr. Liverpool on his victory tonight. 

The New Calypso Monarch For Trinidad and Tobago 2017 is Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust!
Name of Singer
  1. Dr. Hollis Liverpool (New Monarch)
  2. Karene Asche
  3. Heather Mac Intosh
  4. Terri Lyons
  5. Rondell Donawa
  6. Devon Seale
  7. Roderick Gordon
  8. Victoria Cooper-Rahim
  9. Lynette Steele
  10. Anthony Hendrickson
  11. Weston Rawlins
  12. Winston Peters
  13. Kurt Allen
  14. Sasha Ann Moses
  15. Lornette Nedd-Reid
  16. Megulla Simon
  17. Marsha Clifton
Name of Song
  1. Learn from Arithmetic
  2. Caught in the Whirlwind
  3. Games
  4. The Phrase
  5. Lip Service
  6. I Carmona
  7. Wah Yuh Doing
  8. The Call To Pray
  9. Plight of My People
  10. To Be An Icon
  11. Final Send Off
  12. Angry Land
  13. My Corn Tree
  14. Main Witness
  15. Guilty
  16. Still Colonial
  17. Social Media
  1. 439
  2. 423
  3. 416
  4. 415
  5. 209
  6. 408
  7. 405
  8. 402
  9. 400
  10. 399
  11. 383
  12. 380
  13. 378
  14. 375
  15. 370
  16. 364
  17. 353
The Results Are Read

The Winning Performance


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Unknown said…
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