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Machel Montano chose the day of the Panorama Semi Finals to release his Road March contender entitled "Beat It" (reference Michael Jackson) for Carnival 2017. We consider the release of the song, on this day, a smart move and it is a good song but is it good enough to get by 'Full Extreme' by the Ultimate Rejects?

Now here is 'Thing One'... is it  good music? Hell yest it is but, as we asked before, is it good enough? To be honest we feel that 'Your Time Now' has more energy and is the better song to compete against 'Full Extreme'. Now Machel is competing against the Ultimate Rejects and his own song.

Now one has to wonder which song will the band leaders choose? Will they cross the judging points with "Beat It" or "Your Time Now"? The choice is clear for the Ultimate Rejects and that choice is still considered the 'song to beat'.

Now comes 'Thing Two' and that has to do with Machel's ego. Does he really believe that "Beat It" will win the Road March for Carnival 2017? Yes he does and we posted a video clip where he said that he had the winner with his next release... and that release is "Beat It". Here is the video clip:

The Road March War has taken a turn and the ammunition is on the battlefield. Now we wait for the outcome. Now we don't want anyone to think that we dislike MM. Hell no, we love Machel Montano and our posts show that we do. However, we are watching this Road March race with an open mind. We have a fan favorite that has taken Trinidad and Tobago by storm. The Ultimate Rejects are the leaders in the race as far as we are concerned. Machel is on a path to create history with a win this year. We think it is a hard road to travel but if anyone can do it, he can!

So here is the question... do you think that musical politics will come into play? In other words do you think that  the band leaders will acquiesce to a call from Machel's camp to use 'Beat It' at the judging points? On the other hand, do you think that the Ultimate Rejects will sit by and 'hope for the best' or will they make calls themselves?

Interesting isn't it? So what do you think will take place and do you have an opinion on Machel's songs. Do you think that it was a mistake to have two Power Soca songs to compete against each other an then take on Full Extreme by Ultimate Rejects?

Finally, just look at the production notes for this song. Isn't it amazing? The song writers are the who's who in Soca today. But there is no Precision Productions... interesting indeed.  Now we want to hear from you...

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Beat It
Performed by: Machel Montano
Written by: Jason "Shaft” Bishop, Machel Montano, Joli Rouge Sound, Alex "Kubiyashi” Barnwell & Kitwana Israel
Background vocals by: Keegan Taylor
Recorded by Kitwana Israel at: Monk Studio, Trinidad
Produced by: Joli Rouge Sound, Alex "Kubiyashi" Barnwell and Machel Montano
Additional production by: Jason "Shaft" Bishop
Mixed and Mastered by: Keron "Scratchmaster" Hector

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