Arima Panorama Results | Trinidad and Tobago 2017

Arima Angel Harps Preliminary Judging Photo at Pan Yard, Olton Road and EMR, Arima

Today we present the winners of the Arima Panorama Competition compliments of When Steel Talks. The Panorama was hosted by the Arima Carnival Committee and Pan Trinbago. The competition took place on Monday February 20th. 2017 at the Arima Basketball Court.  Sokah2Soca extends congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated in the event. 

Here are the results for the Single Pan Bands. Marsicans emerged as winners (repeat champions).
Name of Band 
1. Marsicans
2. Arima All Stars
3. Trinidad Nostalgic
4. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove
5. Pan On The Move
Name of Song
1. Thunder
2. Get Something & Wave
3. Flag Party
4. Drive It
5. Oh God! Oh God!
Points Scored
1. 280
2. 275
3. 273
4. 265
5. 264
Here are the results for the conventional bands. We had a tie for first place... Melodians and Angel Harps.
Name of  Band
1. Melodians
1. Arima Angel Harps
3. Arima Golden Symphony
4. Simple Song
Name of Song 
1. Um Bay Yao
1. Far From Finished
3. Champions
4. In De Minor
Points Scored
1. 290
1. 290
3. 284
4. 270

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