Platinum Strings Riddim | Millbeatz Entertainment | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

This is new music for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. The Riddim was produced by David Millien of Millbeatz Entertainment.

The Riddim features the following singers: 5Star Akil, Skinny Fabulous, Denice Millien, M1 (Menace) and the Alternative Quartet. We invite you to tell us what you think of the songs and music production.

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Music Release Notes:
Carnival goes Platinum in 2017! After a five month, creative sojourn in the U.S & Canada, Producer David "Millbeatz" Millien has returned to Trinidad & Tobago with an innovative interpretation of cool Classical for Carnival. The Platinum Strings Riddim, is an ingenious blend of a symphonic sound with luscious undertones of authentic Carnival elements. His soulful experimentation in 2016, which produced the Orchestra Riddim undergoes an exciting evolution in 2017. Enter a world of passion; touch the realm of desire; be engulfed by the compelling aroma of enchantment. The enigmatic sounds of AQ will usher you to another dimension.

5 Star Akil - True Feter 
In the urban dictionary a 'Feter' is vividly described as one who parties and socialises without limits and boundaries. This soca entertainer soars with a spirit of jollification and revelry is a must......
5StarAkil has earned himself the title of 'True Feter'. Are you a True Feter ?
Written by Dominic Millien, Co written by Dale Ryan , Emmanuel Rudder
Backgrounds Vocals : Dominic Millien,David Millien, Emmanuel Rudder, Denice Millien

Skinny Fabulous - Mash Up & Flat 
Known for his ability to ingnite a frenzy when he enters the stage , Skinny Faboulous continues to be a master mind , crafting instructive lyrics to cause pandemonium in any soca fete.....Till The whole place Mash Up and Flat!! Hear this baritone voice on the Platinum Strings Riddim
Written by Emmanuel Rudder , David Millien, Gamal Doyle
Backgrounds Vocals : Dale Ryan ,David Millien, Emmanuel Rudder,

Denice Millien - Give Yuh Melodies 
The sweet soulful voice of Denice Millien gives rise to a groovy soca that pierces your inner core, captivates and leaves you wanting more. Euphonious best describes this track ,as it takes you on a musical journey through a time capsule from discovery of melodies to ultimate control of any stage she touches. "GIVE YUH MELODIES.......
Written by Denice Millien, Dominic Millien, Dale Ryan, Emmanuel Rudder & David Millien
Backgrounds Vocals : Denice Millien, Dominic Millien & David Millien,

M1 (Menace) - Yuh See That 
M1 contends that the realities of life's ups and down, the struggles from nothing to something has moulded the musical tower strenght he has morphed into today. There is no stopping him with this one.....If you don't know you better ask somebody!
Written by Sherwin Jeremiah
Backgrounds Vocals : Sherwin Jeremiah

Alternative Quartet - Drift Away 
Enter a world of passion; touch the realm of desire; be engulfed by the compelling aroma of enchantment. The enigmatic sounds of AQ will usher you to another dimension.
Allow your senses to stray; maximize your emotions.....Drift Away!
Arranged by Alternative Quartet & David Millien

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Riddim Title: Platinum Strings Riddim
Performed by:
Produced & Mixed by: David Millien of Millbeatz Entertainment
Live Guitars: Miguel Charles
Live Violins: Alternative Quartet
Live Drums: David Millien
Live Bass: Miguel Charles
Mastered by: Madmen Productions

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! .  We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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