Panorama 2017 Large Bands Song Selections | Trinidad & Tobago


There is much controversy hanging over the governing body of the Steelband in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2017; however, the show 'must go on'!

Pan Trinbago is under fire for mismanagement and other reasons and in order to protect the integrity of the Carnival and Panorama competition the government has stepped in and we will have Panorama for Carnival 2017! Phew go my child and ring the bell and celebrate because Carnival without Panorama is just not acceptable!

OK, we have pan, the show has been saved,  and now we turn our attention to the songs that the large bands will be playing for the competition. These are the songs that the 'big guns' will be playing for Panorama 2017. "Good Morning" sung by Peter Ram out of Barbados (a Crop Over 2016 song) and "Full Extreme" sung by the "Ultimate Rejects" are the songs out front with many of the bands. 

Take a look at the selections and share your feedback regarding the selections here with us. Please use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts with your peers here on Sokah2Soca | Zagada. 

Please note that we have attached our "Songs for Panorama 2017 YouTube Play-list" for your listening pleasure. We may not have all the songs but we will attempt to fix that as soon as the songs become available to us. 
Name of Steelband
La Brea Nightingales
Phase II Pan Groove
Redemption Sound Setters
Silver Stars
Trinidad All Stars
Tropical Angel Harps
Name of Song
Pan Kingdom
Good Morning
Good Morning
Panorama Soldiers
Full Extreme
Full Extreme
We Are Conquerers
Red, White & Black
Good Morning
We Are Conquerers
Good Morning
Good Morning
Rumble in the Jungle
Full Extreme
Arranged By
Mia Gormandy
Garlton "Zanda" Alexander
Pelham Goddard/BJ Marcelle
Ken "Professor" Philmore
Earl La Pierre Sr.
Arddin Herbert
Tyrell Marcelle
Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
Michael Toby/Darren Sheppard
Duvonne Stewart
Liam Teague
M Brooks/K Williams/O Franklin
Robert Greenidge
Amrit Samaroo
Leon "Smooth" Edwards
Clarence Morris
Notes regarding some of the names of the arrangers: M. Brooks is Marc Brooks, K. Williams is Kendall Williams, O. Franklin is Oddie Franklin.

The music player has some of the songs that the Steelbands will play for Panorama. We will update the player with the songs as soon as they become available.

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