New Calypso Songs for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2017

We wanted you to keep up to date with the new Calypso music releases for Carnival 2017. We have a listing of songs here that we are positive you will play and enjoy. The Calypso music releases are very good this year. We have a few of them here for your listening pleasure.

Please keep in mind that the success of these songs depend on your support. Let me say it again, now it is up to you to ensure that this song rides the airwaves. Please call in to your favorite radio jocks and request the song. We invite you to share your thoughts about the song and music production.

Use the comment feature of this post to share your thoughts about the song here with your peers. All comments will be posted,  Please don't forget to visit us on our new 'Facebook Fan Page'. Use the search term @sokah2soca. Enjoy!

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Playlist Title: Calypso 2017

Songs on the list: Name of Song and Singer

  1. Selfie - Crazy
  2. Caught in the Whirlwind - Karene Asche
  3. Leave Me Alone - Calypso Rose feat. Manu Chao
  4. Big Man Ting - Karene Asche
  5. Lil Country Band - Lady Gypsy
  6. No Pan - Sugar Aloes
  7. Champions - De Original Defosto Himself
  8. Plight of My People - Lady Gypsy
  9. Tribute to Bertie Marshall - Gary Cordner
  10. Who To Blame - Wendell Goodridge
  11. Essence of Democracy - Hamidullah Wahid
  12. Dat Making Sense - Duane O'Connor
  13. Looking Beyond - Duane O'Connor
  14. Cameron Must Go - Nerukhi
  15. The Black Equation - Kerice Pascall
  16. Run Yuh Run - Brother Resistance
  17. Build It Together - Karega Mandela
  18. Mr. Builder - Ronaldo London
  19. Calypso Alive aka Bad Injection - Kurt Allen (Last Bardjohn of Calypso)
  20. Legacy Music - Mr. King 
  21. Time - Anthony Johnson
  22. What's Going On - June Smith
  23. Paradise - Moses Charles
  24. I like Mehself - Chris Garcia 
  25. Fight - Lani K
  26. Stand Up - Hammond
  27. In Recession Time - Twiggy
  28. Donald and Hillary - Crazy
  29. Pokemon - Crazy 
  30. No Officer No - Bevon St. Clair
  31. The Poor Man's Cry - Ras Kommanda
  32. Die to Live - Curlissa Charles
  33. Gee Gee Ree - Crazy
  34. Oh God Oh God - Crazy
  35. Civilized - Fabikur
  36. Calypso Queen - Calypso Rose
  37. My Trinbago - Kassman
  38. Abatina - Calypso Rose
  39. Rum and Calypso - RemBunction
  40. Pappy Show - MBA
  41. Missing You - Spicey Spice
  42. Skeletons - Alana Sinnette aka Lady Watchman
  43. Whey De Will - Anthony Johnson
  44. The Art of Double Entendre - Stacey Sobers
  45. Dutty Child - Pternsky
  46. Carnival In We - Joseph Adams
  47. Black Attack - Mr. Nature
Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! .  We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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