Carnival Costume Bands | Trinidad & Tobago Festival 2017

Ah ha... well you have been inundated with new music for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. So many new Soca songs and for those who love to go to the Calypso Tents the music is songs are really good this year. So you have already made plans to head to Trinidad or if you reside in Trinidad you already have your events scheduled for festival 2017.

So why are we here today? Well simply put you have all the fetes covered... right! All of a sudden you decided that you need to play mas (street parade) because just your best friend or someone coming from overseas is coming home and want to play... don't panic, you can still get a costume. 

We have a list of bands and their Carnival Presentations for  this year. Take a look and where the links are available, visit the site and take a look at the costumes. We are happy to help!
Name of Band
  1. Bliss
  2. Cat In Bag Productions
  3. Colorz Fuh So
  4. Fantasy Carnival
  5. Flirt
  6. Harts Carnival
  7. Just Wee & Friends
  8. Kalicharan Carnival
  9. K2K Alliance & Partners
  10. Legacy Carnival
  11. Mac Farlane Carnival 
  12. Paparazzi Carnival
  13. Passion Carnival 
  14. Petlemas Presents
  15. Roam the Mas Band
  16. Ronnie & Caro
  17. Showtime Trinidad
  18. Splash D Mas Band
  19. The Lost Tribe - A Revolution of Mas
  20. Tribal Connection Cultural Promotion
  21. Tribe Carnival Presents
  22. Trini Revellers
  23. Wee International Mas
  24. Wild Ltd
  25. Yuma Vibe 
Presentation (2017)
  1. Al Sahra
  2. Link to the bands facebook page
  3. Link to the Mas Camp here
  4. 1001 Fantasies
  5. The Passion of Carnival
  6. UltraViolet Jungle
  7. A Team Punk - A Tribute to Earl Crosby
  8. Zante (San Fernando)
  9. At The Helm
  10. Time Then Now
  11. Carzabon - The Art of Living
  12. Sky Gazers
  13. Spectrum
  14. Savage Fairies
  15. WoW- Wonders of the World
  16. Fearless 10
  17. Fashion 545
  18. Swirl (link to costume photos)
  19. Riddim
  20. Link to the Mas Camp here
  21. Zero - The Life Below
  22. Al Zawaj
  23. Dynasty
  24. Mas In We
  25. The Origins - From Whence We Came

Link here: Parade Of The Bands Results | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

Link here: Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results | Festival 2017

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