Road March Wars | Can Machel Montano Stop Full Extreme?

Everyone, including this writer, believe that it is a foregone conclusion that "Full Extreme" by Ultimate Rejects will win the Road March Title for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017. Sacrilegious someone exclaimed. Do not forget or even doubt that Machel Montano is watching and calculating his next move!

Slow down now everyone, we are aware that we have a month to go and that is enough time for a bomb tune to drop and 'Tun Up' the race. However, Machel has already release a really good 'Power Soca Song' entitled "Your Time Now".  However, as good as this music release is we don't see it getting past "Full Extreme"! Don't you think that Machel knows what is going on? Of course he does and he is aware of the task at hand. The question is, what is he going to do about it. 

You know the saying... 'Talk Is Cheap, Action Counts"! Some of us, in the on-line community, don't believe that it is over. You know how it goes, "it ain't over till it's over". Having said that, we still believe that 'Full Extreme' is the song to derail. On SocaPro (DJ, Blogger and Radio Personality in the UK) thinks that Machel has one 'up his sleeve'. Here is what he has to say:

SocaPro's Thought Process:
Machel always releases more than one 'Power Soca' song for the Carnival season so I guarantee you that "Your Time Now" will not be his only 'Power Soca' song for the 2017 Carnival season.

Machel's real Power Soca bomb, to compete for the road march, is yet to come; and it is guaranteed to give "Full Extreme" some serious competition. Machel is a chess player when it comes to dropping his main power Soca bomb, at the right time and vying for the T&T's Road March Title.

Also, if Machel wins the road march this year, he will create history!  He will become only the second Trinidad and Tobago artist to win four consecutive road marches in a row to emulate what Roaring Lion achieved between 1935 and 1938 in the Pre-World War II era. With this history in mind, and Machel being a student of T&T road march history, he will seriously try to get his name in the T&T road march history books alongside the Roaring Lion.

What do you think about SocaPro's 'thought Process'? We want to hear from you. Please use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts about this topic. We have prepared a play-list of the songs that we think have a chance to win the Road March. Play the music, think about the topic then share your ideas with us. 

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