Panorama Songs 2017 | Compositions for Steelbands in Trinidad &Tobago


Once again another Carnival season is upon us and once again we don't have the Panorama songs (music player) to post for your listening pleasure. Once again the majority of the songs can be heard exclusively on 'When Steel Talks' (www.panonthe However,  have a little faith in us... we have a few song written for Steelbands on this site (see player below). 

We have a listing of the songs from When Steel Talks for your perusal below. Follow the links to listen the songs on their site: Songs for Steelbands/ The songs we have available are listed below in the YouTube player.

If you are a singer or you know the artist then please know that we will gladly feature your music on our site. We don't want anything from you other than your permission to feature your songs. Send the song(s) to We are here to help you!

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  1. 55 On 100 sung by “LucratiV” - composed by Joel Joseph    
  2. Asami sung by Derrick Seales - composed by G. Stewart, B. Henry and L. Paul    
  3. Blows - Redux” sung by Jimmy Chambers - composed by Jimmy Chambers and Tony Mason   
  4. Champions sung by “The Original De Fosto Himself” - composed by Winston Scarborough    
  5. First Place sung & composed by Genelle Bharat    
  6. Gee Gee Ree sung by “Crazy” - composed by George La Barrie    
  7. Girls From The Hill sung by Keith “Keet Styla” Prescott - composed by Alston Jack    
  8. Good Morning sung by Peter Ram - composed by Jovan James    
  9. Hold Dat Panstick sung by Sheldon “Mocha” Martin - composed by Kyle Noel    
  10. I Come Out To Fete sung by Sharlan Bailey aka “Dreadwizard” - composed by Sharlan Bailey  
  11. Iron She Want sung by Derrick Seales - composed by Dave “Booker” Martin    
  12. (The) Magic sung by Joanne Foster - composed by Miguel Camps    
  13. Mystery Writer sung by “The Original De Fosto Himself” - composed by Winston Scarborough
  14. National Panthem sung & composed by Tellison “Tello” Forde    
  15. Non Stop sung & composed by Simeon Superville    
  16. Oh God, Oh God sung by “Crazy” - composed by Edwin Ayoung & Winsford Devine    
  17. Pan In Meh Belly sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde & Debbie Haynes - composed by Tellison Forde  
  18. Pan In T&T sung by “Skippy” - composed by Winston Maingot    
  19. Pan Kingdom sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Mark Loquan & Gregory “GB” Ballantyne 
  20. Pan Up There sung by “Crazy” - composed by Steve “GospelPan” Reid & Edwin Ayoung    
  21. Party Fever sung by “Marvin Phoenix” - composed by Simon Superville    
  22. Peter Pan performed by “KI & The Band” - composed by Kegan Kellar    
  23. Pokemon Blues sung by “Crazy” - composed by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne    
  24. Rhythm Of The Pan sung by Dexter Keane - composed by Emanuel Ector and Gerard Ector    
  25. Rhythm Run Tings sung by Kernal Roberts - composed by M. Loquan, S. Gomez & G. Ballantyne 
  26. Roti and Talcurry sung by Sugar Aloes - arranged by Duvone Stewart
  27. Thank You For The Music sung & composed by Mark Roberts    
  28. The Invitation sung by Nicole Greaves - composed by Kenneth Charles    
  29. We Are Conquerors sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Alvin Daniell & Barnett “Preacher” Henry    
  30. No Pan sung by Sugar Aloes, aka Michael Anthony Osuana
  31. Lil Country Band - Lynette Steele aka Lady Gypsy
  32. Full Extreme - Ultimate Rejects
  33. Push - Vanessa Alexandra Headley
  34. Panorama Soldiers - Keet Styla
We will post what is available on-line as we find them - keep hope alive or head to When Steel Talks for your pan music.

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