No Behavior | Bad Royale feat. Hashim | T'dad & Tobago 2017

The Music Production team known as Bad Royal is 'nicing-up de carnival' again with a track entitled "No Behavior" featuring Hashim on vocals.

This message hits home with this one and all carnival revelers know about 'breaking away and wining on  a stranger' or simply up 'No Behavior for de Carnival'.

Now it is your turn to participate in the success or failure of this production. Is this a keeper or one that will will be grudgingly cast aside? Now before casting judgment we would like you to 'spin it again'! Now tell us if you 'felt the groove'!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: No Behavior
Performed by: Bad Royal feat. Hashim
Written by: Hashim Lewis, Elias Ghoson, Maor Levi, Bruce Karlsson, and Kevin Wild
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Bad Royale for Rude Mood – All Rights Reserved 2016

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