Everything Sounds Better on the Radio! | Carnival 2017

God dammit, what have I done? I usually post a song after listening to it one time. My initial take drives what I have to say! Now I have to pause and take note of something I always knew but put in the background.  Everything Sounds Better on the Radio! 
Recently, I posted the new Bunji and Fay-Ann songs. The songs did not impact me on first listen but then again that happens sometimes; and then the songs take off and voilĂ ... everyone loves them. So what was different that caused me to write this short post exposing my music sins? Oh, the shame of a Soca music Blogger is exposed!

Well I was listening to 96.1 WE FM (Trinidad Radio) this morning and they played both Bunji and Fay Ann's  new songs and damn, I got excited listening to the tracks. Has this ever happened to you after you felt blah after listening a song for the first time? Sure it has... well, shame on me for doubting the Viking of Soca!

I paused and realized that something special happens when a song is played on the radio. The radio jocks can get you in the mood and hype the song creating an awareness not experienced listening the song from a 'squark box'. The songs, when mixed/transitioned from one to the other can also create excitement and makes the listening experience enjoyable. The point is don't jump to conclusions after your first listen or hearing the song over an inferior sound system. 

I have had conversations with friends and acquaintances who stated that they don't like the new music or don't "feel it". Maybe it is a bit too early but remember that every song sounds and feels good in a fete or party. Look, there are some songs that are not really good,not good lyrically and music wise but then again there are some that don't 'kick early' but take off and become big hits. The radio has so much to do with that along with the party DJs. 

In closing, make sure that you hear a song played on the radio before passing judgment. They sure sound better when played on radio... now show some love and respect to the radio DJs!

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