Right Away | Shurwayne Winchester | Trinidad & Tobago 2017

This is new music from 'the man with the sweet voice' out of Tobago. Hell yes, we are talking about ace singer Shurwayne Winchester. The song is entitled "Right Away'.

As you can guess there was no procrastinating with the production and release of this song. Shurwayne is not waiting for the so called 'big name singers' to release music first. As the song said... this one was done and released 'Right Away'.

Once again we see the magic of Stadic and Wetty Beatz at work with the mastering done by Nikholai Greene out of Trinidad and Tobago.

This team worked on Olatunji's very popular and 'nothing but sweetness' track "Oh Yay". "Right Away" is laid back track that borders on/feels like it wants to take off but keep you in check. There is a deliberate AfroSoca vibe woven into the music to entice those who find favor with music that takes flavor from mother Africa. Soca and Afrobeats results in sweet music. This one may take a 'little getting used to' but you will eventually 'get it'!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Right Away
Performed by: Shurwayne Winchester
Written by: Kareem “Rayza” Thomas and Shurwayne Winchester
Produced by: Stadic and Wetty Beatz
Back Vocals by: Terry Lyons, Kevin Charles, Kareem Thomas and Shurwayne Winchester
Mixed by: Stadic Music
Mastered by: Nikholai Greene

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