Boston Carnival 2016 | Trinidad & Tobago Style Carnival

West Indians with emphasis on those with a Trinidad and Tobago heritage are in for a treat next week when the annual Boston Carnival celebration takes place. The West Indian community in Boston and in NYC will converge on Boston to share in the celebrations. 

When one considers that New York's Labor Day carnival follows immediately after this festival, it is easy to understand why so many visiting family members from the Caribbean travel to Boston to celebrate then return to Brooklyn to continue the party the following week.

For those who want to participate in a a band then go to the registration site at the following link: Band Launch & Registrations

The gateway to the Caribbean community and official home of Boston's Trinidad Style Carnival, here in Boston welcomes you. See Events Description for details. Marketing Agencies and business owners: Events, Web and Magazine Advertising Rates are all here.

This is the place to find connections to all things Caribbean - organizations, restaurants, Dj's, steelbands, events, community radio stations, and links to all the events associated with the annual Trinidad Style Carnival, such as: Mas Camps, Parade Bands, Band-Launchings and Ticket Giveaways.

If you have recently migrated to Boston, or a surrounding town or are just visiting, Boston Carnival Village is for you. Enjoy! - If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us HERE: #bostoncarnivalvillage
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There will be many private and public parties but the following events are the ones that most of the revelers look forward to every year.
  • Kiddies Carnival
  • King & Queen Show
  • J'ouvert Parade
  • J'ouvert Boat Cruise
  • Carnival Parade
  • 08/21/2016
  • 08/25/2016
  • 08/27/2016
  • 08/27/2016
  • 08/27/2016
If you have never been to Boston for Carnival then here is a look back at the street parade for last year's festival. The YouTube video Presentation comes to you compliments of JulianPromos Video!

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