Antigua & Barbuda Wadadli Calypso Monarch 2016 | Queen Thalia

The Wadadli Calypso Monarch for Antigua and Barbuda Carnival 2016 is now history and a new Calypso Monarch was crowned early this morning. Last year's Monarch, King De Bear, was beaten into second place; a Queen now reigns supreme in Antigua and Barbuda! Queen Thalia trumped the stalwarts to become the new Calypso Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda for Carnival 2016.

Congratulations are extended to the new Calypso Monarch who will rule royally until Carnival 2017. The final results are listed below:
  • Most Humorous Calypso: Bambi
  • Best Social Commentary: Queen GB "CCJ"
  • Most Improved Calypsonian: Set On The Entertainer
  • Best Spirit of Carnival Award: Kaseba singing "A Diamond is Forever"
  • Best Rendered Calypso: Queen Thalia "This Tenor Pan is Mine"
  • The People's Choice Award: Set On The Entertainer
The Calypso Monarch Results for Antigua & Barbuda Summer Carnival 2016
  1. Queen Thalia - My Guarantee; This Pan is Mine
  2. Stumpy - Bang Bang Bang; Sooner or Later
  3. King De Bear - River of Tears; De Magician
The two songs that won the title for Queen Thalia:

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