Antigua & Barbuda Carnival Results for 2016

The Antigua and Barbuda Carnival is officially over. At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday August 2, 2016 King Carnival quietly took its last chip to the beat of sweet Caribbean music... the carnival is over!

Indeed the carnival is over but the results keep coming in.We will update this posting to include the J'ouvert, band of the year and road march results. 

The Calypso Monarch Results:
The Wadadli Calypso Monarch for Antigua and Barbuda Carnival 2016 is now history and a new Calypso Monarch was crowned early this morning. Last year's Monarch, King De Bear, was beaten into second place; a Queen now reigns supreme in Antigua and Barbuda! Queen Thalia trumped the stalwarts to become the new Calypso Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda for Carnival 2016.

Congratulations are extended to the new Calypso Monarch who will rule royally until Carnival 2017. The final results are listed below:
  • Most Humorous Calypso: Bambi
  • Best Social Commentary: Queen GB "CCJ"
  • Most Improved Calypsonian: Set On The Entertainer
  • Best Spirit of Carnival Award: Kaseba singing "A Diamond is Forever"
  • Best Rendered Calypso: Queen Thalia "This Tenor Pan is Mine"
  • The People's Choice Award: Set On The Entertainer
The Calypso Monarch Results for Antigua & Barbuda Summer Carnival 2016
  1. Queen Thalia - My Guarantee; This Pan is Mine
  2. Stumpy - Bang Bang Bang; Sooner or Later
  3. King De Bear - River of Tears; De Magician
The two songs that won the title for Queen Thalia:

Soca Monarch Results: Groovy & Jumpy 
Take a look at the results to see if your favorite artist copped the Monarch title in the Groovy and Jumpy Monarch competitions.
  • The Groovy Soca Monarch for 2016 is Ricardo Drue
  • The People's Choice Award for the Groovy Soca Competition is: Claudette Peters
  • The Jumpy Soca Monarch for 2016 is Tian Winter
  • The People's Choice Award for the Jumpy Soca Competition is: Tian Winter
The  Groovy Soca Monarch did not have a clear winner until Ricardo Drue took the stage last night. It also helped that he was the last singer to take the stage last night. Congratulation are extended to Drue.

Groovy Soca Monarch Competition Results:
Name of Singer
  1. Ricardo Drue
  2. Claudette Peters
  3. Tian Winter
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Drue
  2. CP
  3. Tian
  1. Stamp Your Name
  2. On My Behalf
  3. Can't Explain

Jumpy Monarch Competition Results:
Fan Favorite Tian Winter rocked the stage to take the title of Jumpy Monarch (aka Power Soca) for this year's celebration. Congratulations are extended to this talented singer. 

Here are the results of the Jumpy Soca Monarch Competition:
Name of Singer
  1. Tian Winter
  2. Dennis Roberts
  3. Claudette Peters
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Tian
  2. Menace
  3. CP
  1. In D Middle
  2. Spartans
  3. Hungry

Panorama Results:
Congratulations are extended to Halcyon Steel Orchestra on winning the Antigua and Barbuda Panorama competition... now on to the Soca Monarch Competition tonight!
Name of Band/Orchestra
  1. Halcyon Steel Orchestra
  2. West Side Symphony
  3. Hells Gate Steel Orchestra
Name of Song
  1. 60 years
  2. Celebration
  3. Sounds of Steel
Arranged By
  1. Victor Samuel
  2. Gavin Francis
  3. Khan Cordice
The Winning Panorama Song played by Halcyon. "60 Years" by Calypso Gary

Mr and Ms.Teen Splash 2016
  • Jamal Gordon - Mr. St. Joseph's Academy 
  • Abigail Piper - Ms. Christ The King High School
Junior Jumpy Soca Monarch Competition
Name of Singer
  1. Taeco O'Garro
  2. Allakai Samuel
  3. Tyreke Lewis
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Psycho
  2. Soca Villan
  3. Kid Vicious
Name of Song
  1. Dance,Scratch & Wink Up
  2. Movie Star
  3. Rise Above Hate
Junior Groovy Soca Monarch Competition
Name of Singer
Ge'eve Philip 
Brian Chase
Tyreke Lewis
Sobriquet/Stage Name
Baby Eve
De Mytee BC
Kid Vicious
Name of Song
My Music 
Tek Way You Get
Too Young

Junior Calypso Monarch Competition
Name of Singer
  1. Rika Jackson 
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Little Miss
Name of Song 
  1. Slavery
Band of the Year - Large Bands Competition
  1. Myst Carnival Inc - Mystocracy
  2. Insane Carnival - Tribes - A Tribute to the People
  3. Next Generation Revellers - Mas Then and Now
Band of the Year - Medium Bands Competition
  1. XClusive Carnival - Amazonia
  2. Ali & Associates - Memories
  3. Sisk Dus Mas Troupe - Summer Festival "60"
Band of the Year - Small Bands Competition
  1. Carnival Divas - Fancy Sailors
  2. Xclamation Mas Troupe - Jewelers Fancy
Queen of the Band Competition
  1. Phoenix - Rockers Mas Band
  2. Carnival Lady in White - Silk Dust
  3. Spirit of De Enchanted Bride - Showcase Mas Band
King of the Band Competition
  1. Lizard Fish - Rockers Mas Band
  2. Pan Revolution - Silk Dust
  3. Mask Man - Ali &  Associates
T-Shirt Mas
  1. Joe Mikes
  2. Myst Carnival
  3. Durnzee Tree
Road March Competition (Monday & Tuesday plays)
  1. In De Middle - Tian Winter (played 43 times)
  2. Show Me Ur ID Now - Ricardo Drue (played 13 times)
  3. I Can't Explain - Tian Winter (played 9 times)
J'Ouvert Morning Results
  • First J'Ouvert Troupe on the Road: Blue Waters
  • Best Organised J'Ouvert Troupe: Brew Masters
  • 1st. Jam Band on the Road: Revo Band
  • 1st. Steelband on the Road: Panache
  • Sweetest Sounding Steelband on the Road: Panache
  • Sweetest Sounding Jam Band on the Road: Revo Band

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