Saint Lucia Soca Monarch Results 2016 | Groovy/Power

Saint Lucia Carnival is over! We have the results for the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Competitions listed below. Ask any Lucian if the show was a success and you will get that look! That look of 'wish it did not have to end' but then again planning is already taking place for next year. The music was and is still sweet! Keep supporting Lucian Soca!

Groovy Soca Monarch Results 2016
Name of Singer
  1. Arthur Allain
  2. Mellisa Moses
  3. Ezra/Jiggy/Scoobay
  1. Arthur
  2. Qpid
  3. Ezra/Jiggy/Scoobay
  1. Dat Beat 
  2. Happy
  3. Swim My Way
The names of the third place contestants are as follows: Ezra "D'funmachine" Augustin, Joakim "Jiggy" George & Carlos "Scoobay" Solomon 

Power Soca Monarch Results 2016
Name of Singer
  1. Neil Gittins
  2. R. Joseph/K. Griffith
  3. A. Joseph/M. Moses
  1. Islah Man
  2. Ricky T & Superman
  3. Ambi & Qpid
  1. Madd Madd
  2. All Hell Break Loose
  3. Election Kanaval
Please take note of the following names: R. Joseph/K. Griffith are Ricky Joseph and Kwency Griffith; Ambi and Qpid are Ambrose Dwayne Joseph and Melissa Moses.

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