Antigua & Barbuda Panorama Results | Carnival 2016

Antigua and Barbuda's Panorama finals took place last night at Carnival City; the defending champions Flow Hells Gate Steel Orchestra were dethroned!  A new standard was set when Halcyon Steel Orchestra, playing "60 years", won first place. 

"60 Years" is a wonderful song performed by "Calpso Gary"; the song was arranged by Victor Samuel. The pans were tuned by Dudley  Dickson. It was 'Pan In Yuh Pwefen' at Carnival City last night. Halcyon pannists will be celebrating their victory all day today... Kudos to everyone involved in this victory.

Congratulations are extended to Halcyon Steel Orchestra on winning the Antigua and Barbuda Panorama competition... now on to the Soca Monarch Competition tonight!
Name of Band/Orchestra
  1. Halcyon Steel Orchestra
  2. West Side Symphony
  3. Hells Gate Steel Orchestra
Name of Song
  1. 60 years
  2. Celebration
  3. Sounds of Steel
Arranged By
  1. Victor Samuel
  2. Gavin Francis
  3. Khan Cordice
The song that won the panorama (not pan version)- 60 Years

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