Antigua & Barbuda Panorama Finals 2016

The Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB) Panorama Competition is set to take place tonight (7/29/2016) at Carnival City. The cost of admission is ECC$25.00. Listen/Watch via the Internet feeds or if you can attend don't miss this event. 

The show can be heard live from this site using the tunein radio provided below. The scheduled start time is 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
You can also watch the live stream free using the TV Player below... Enjoy the show!

The reigning Panorama Champions (2015) is Flow Hellsgate Steel Orchestra! Lets see if they have what it takes to repeat as Champions!

Name of Band
  1. East Vibes Steel Orchestra
  2. Ebonites Steel Orchestra
  3. Gemonites Steel Orchestra
  4. Halcyon Steel Orchestra
  5. Harmonites Steel Orchestra
  6. Hells Gate Steel Orchestra
  7. Original Steel Orchestra
  8. Westside Sym. Steel Orch.
Name of Song
  1. Subway Jam
  2. Last Fete 
  3. Pan Revolution
  4. 60 Years
  5. 60 Years
  6. Sound of Steel
  7. Rock & Prance
  8. Celebration
Arranged By
  1. Curtis Cochrane
  2. Dayne Gomes
  3. Jonnny Gonsalves
  4. Victor Samuel
  5. Aubrey Samuel
  6. Khan Cordice
  7. Robert Simmons
  8. Gavin Francis
The results for this show/competition can be found at the following link/post: 

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