Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results 2016

King Carnival 2016 came and burned brilliantly leaving lasting memories for another wonderful year of cultural expressions on stage and on the streets. Now everyone is interested in the results for festival 2016.

Zagada has a listing of results for your perusal. Listed below are the Results for Competitions held for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016.

Chutney Soca & Traditional Chutney Music Results:
KI Persad emerged as winner of the Chutney Soca Monarch competition taking home the TT$1M prize money. On the flip side the Traditional Chutney Monarch, Rooplal Girdharrie only took home TT150,000 for first place. This has to change and is very unfair!

The Traditional Chutney Monarch should not receive anything under $500,000. Congratulations are extended to the winners and runners up.  Here are your results for both categories in last night's show at Skinners Park, San Fernando.

Traditional Chutney Monarch: Rooplal Girdharrie
Name of Singer
  1. Rooplal  Girdharrie
  2. Shiva Lakhan
  3. Heeral Rampertap
  4. Asha Kamchee
Name of Song
  1. Banai Loongi
  2. Morey Dulhaniya
  3. Humko Bole
  4. ***
Points Scored
  1. 479
  2. 467
  3. 457
  4. 449
Prize Won
  1. $150K
  2. $50K
  3. $50K
  4. $50K

Chutney Soca Monarch: KI (Kris Veeshal Persad)
Name of Song
  1. Kris KI Persad
  2. Nishard Mayhroo
  3. Ravi Bissambhar
  4. Rikki Jaimungal
Name of Song
  1. Same Gyal Twice
  2. Therapy
  3. Personal
  4. Kings of the night
Points Scored
  1. 499
  2. 490
  3. 470
  4. 469
Prize Won
  1. $1M
  2. $750K
  3. $500K
  4. $100K

Soca Monarch Results for Carnival 2016
Aaron St. Louis aka "Voice" is the new Soca Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. "Voice" had the stadium singing "Cheers To Life" even after he finished singing (reported by the Trinidad Guardian News Paper). "Cheers To Life" is a production of Precision Productions out of San Fernando Trinidad.

In second place was Akeem "Preedy" Chance with his song entitled "Veterans". Tied for third place were Patrice Roberts (Money Done) and Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart.

The competition for 'breakout artist of the year pitted competitors Jadel and Salty against each other to be crowned "Breakout Artist of The Year".  Jadel was the eventual winner!

Here are the results Soca Monarch 2016 | Trinidad and Tobago:
1. Aaron St. Louis aka Voice - Cheers To Life
2. Akeem Chance aka Preedy
3. Patrice Roberts (Tie)
3. Dexter Stewart aka Blaxx (Tie)

Here is the Winning Performance: Aaron St. Louis aka Voice singing "Cheers To Life"! The Winning Performance follows a short discussion with the artist (45 seconds... be patient).

National Calypso Queen Monarch (National Women's Action Committee - NWAC) | Trinidad and Tobago 2016
  1. Amrika Mutroo (Calypso Queen 2016)
  2. - All Lives Matter 
  3. Wendy Garric - For We To Overcome
  4. Marsha "Lady Adana" Clifton-Charles - A Murder A Day

Young Kings Calypso Monarch 2016 (National Action Cultural Committe - NACC)
  1. Helon Francis - Real Bandit
  2. Ezekiel Yorke - Beyond The Tape
  3. Sheldon Nugget - Song for Politicians

Road March Winner for Carnival 2016
This is a foregone conclusion and on this Carnival Monday evening we can afford to post this song as the Road March song for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016.
Name of Song
  1. Waiting on the Stage
  2. People
Name of Singer
  1. Machel Montano feat. Badjohn Republic
  2. KES the Band
  1. 328
  2. 29

National Panorama Results (All Results):
Small Conventional Steel Orchestras Finals | Results 2016
Name of Band
  1. Arima Golden Symp
  2. Laventille Seranaders
  3. Tornadoes
  4. LaHorquettaPan Groov
  5. Facinators Pan Symp
  6. Pandemonium
  7. New East Side Dim
  8. 5 Rivers Mod. Symp
  9. Tamana Pioneers
  10. Our Boys
Arranged by
  1. Terrance Marcelle
  2. Arddin Herbert
  3. Shervon Edwards
  4. Kion Robinson
  5. Yohan Popwell
  6. Akua Leith
  7. Mihail Salcedo
  8. Erwin Lewis
  9. Richard Gittens
  10. Anselm Campbell
Song Title
  1. D Greatest Invention
  2. Pan Jumbie
  3. Mash It Up
  4. Raising Dust
  5. Like Ah Boss
  6. My House
  7. Both Ah Dem
  8. Pan in Danger
  9. Mystery Band
  10. Gimme More

The bands in color below indicate ties/same scores. As you can see Marsicans and Trinidad East Side Symphony tied for first place (points scored 276).

Single Pan Bands Finals | Results 2016
Name of Band
Trinidad E Side Symp

T&T Fire Services
Arima All Stars
San Juan E Side Symp

T&T Defence Force
Newtown Playboys Symp
Uni Stars
Golzales Sheikers
Woodbrook Playboyz

DOriginalWoodbrook Mod
Shades in Steel
Pan Jammers
Nu Pioneers Pan Groove
Pan Stereonettes
Trinidad Nostalgic
Arranged by
Marlon White
Carlton Harewood

Terrence Marcelle
Brian Austin
Duvonne Stewart

Sheldon Peters
Seion Gomez
Kareem Brown
Keisha Codrington
Natasha Joseph
Michelle H. Watts

Ankonia Paul
Dante Pantin
Robert Torbitt
Shaun/Simon Marcano
Anselm Campbell
Amrit Samaroo
Song Title
Say Say
Total Disorder

Kaka Roach
No no we eh going home

Don't stop this party
On the Road
The Jammer
Like ah Boss
Unknown Band

On the Road
No no we eh going home
Pan in Danger
Gimme Moore

Desperadoes emerged as Panorama champions for Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2016 at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain. What a wonderful evening of competition. The crowd roared when Trinidad All Stars and Phase II Pan Groove names were called early in the results. This is the eleventh title for the Desperadoes. Congratulations are extended to the New Champions.

In the Medium Bands category Pan Elders emerged as winners. Buccononeers held down position number two while Sound Specialists of Laventille and Katzenjammers tied for third place. Congratulations are extended to all the bands that performed last night/early Sunday morning. 

Here are the results for the Large Bands Category:
Desperadoes -  Different Me  - 285 Points
  2. Supernovas - 284
  3.Renegades (Tie) - 283 
  3. Phase II Pan Groove (Tie) - 283 
  5. Invaders - 281
  6. Trinidad All Stars - 280
  7. Silver Stars - 277
  8. Redemption Sound Setters - 276
  9. Fonclaire - 272
10. Skiffle - 266

Here are the results for the Medium Bands Category:

  1. Pan Elders
  2. Buccooneers
  3. Sound Specialists of Laventille (Tie)
  3. Katzenjammers (Tie)
  5. Couva Joylanders
  6. Curepe Scherzando (Tie)
  6. Steel Xplosion (Tie)
  8. Melodians
  9. Dixieland
10. West Side Symphony

King and Queen of the Bands:
National King and Queen of the Bands (Seniors and Juniors Results:

The National King and Queen of the Bands took place on Tuesday February 2, 2016 at the Grand Stand Stage of the Queen's Park Savannah. This show used to  be a part of the Dimanche Gras showcase.  
The King of the Bands this year is Ted Eustace who portrayed 'Psychedelic Nightmares'. The Queen of the bands is Gloria Dallsingh who portrayed 'Artemisia D Warrior Queen'. Both King and Queen  winners are from Alvin Kallicharan's band "Paparazi". The full results are posted below along with the Junior Kings and Queens. 

Here are the results for the King of the Bands (Adult/Senoirs):
  1. Ted Eustace
  2. Ravi Lakhan
  3. Jha-Wan Thomas
  4. Fareid Carvalho
  5. Wade Madray
  6. Curtis Eustace
  7. Roland St. George
  8. Glenn Dave Lakhan
  9. Marlon Rampersad
  10. Keston Benthum
  11. Ronald Blaize
  12. Lionel Jagessar Jr
  13. Earl Beckles
  14. Kelly Sheldon Peters
  15. Nicholas Britto
  16. Chris Saldenha
  1. Psychedelic Nightmares
  2. Night of Horror
  3. The Dying Swan -RasNijinskyDrag as Pavlova
  4. Guardian of the Sun
  5. Quecha the Spirit of Spring
  6. Demonato - Prince of the Forbidden
  7. Hocus Pocus
  8. Night of the Owling Creature
  9. Drums of War
  10. Elfurdrakos
  11. Bois in Moruga
  12. Howakan - The Eternal Guardian of the Hunt
  13. Spirit of the Rainforest Guardian
  14. Who the Cap Fit
  15. Cane on Fire "Camboluay"
  16. Gladstone Guardian
  1. 419
  2. 415
  3. 412
  4. 409
  5. 399
  6. 397
  7. 394
  8. 392
  9. 386
  10. 385
  11. 381
  12. 368
  13. 354
  14. 352
  15. 341
  16. 325
Here are the results for the Queen of the Bands (Adult/Senoirs):
  1. Gloria Dallsingh 
  2. Peola Marchan
  3. Kay Mason
  4. Roxanne Omalo
  5. Savitri Holassie
  6. Laura Rampersad
  7. Alendra Bailey
  8. Eyika Luby
  9. Stephanie Kanhai
  10. Lisa Peters
  11. Pamela Gordon
  12. Kerina Badal
  13. Leslie Ann Boisselle
  14. Charmaine Emile
  15. Ruth Adams-Mendez
  16. Donna Phillip-Forde
  1. Artemisia D Warrior Queen 
  2. Yahacuna the Goddess of Tuloc
  3. Sounds of Everlasting Love
  4. Medusa The Last Gaze
  5. Mystical Goddess of Light and Life
  6. Goddess of Victory
  7. D Bailey Dynasty
  8. Pink Orchid Mantis
  9. The Virgin Queen
  10. The Birds in Paradise
  11. Colors of Life - Love, Joy, Happiness
  12. Hialeah-The Mystical Fantasy of a Sun Dancer
  13. A Musical Ensemble in D Pan Yard
  14. The Aztec Menace
  15. Lady Africa
  16. Gloriana The Virgin Queen
  1. 427
  2. 409
  3. 407
  4. 405
  5. 403
  6. 401
  7. 399
  8. 396
  9. 391
  10. 385
  11. 384
  12. 379
  13. 374
  14. 372
  15. 367
  16. 355
Here are the results for the King of the Band (Juniors):
  1. Jardel Aguillera
  2. Jesus Martin Carlow
  3. Merrick Barnes
  4. Antonio Rampersad
  5. Yannick Holdip
  6. Keron Fang
  7. Armando Shampoo
  8. Keegan Farrell
  9. Tishayne James
  10. Denzil Forde
  11. Maachi Renn
  1. Man of Glory
  2. Draco D Last Dragon
  3. Tempo of the Serengeti
  4. Spirit of Carnival
  5. Mr. Paradise
  6. The Congo Man
  7. Call of De Wild
  8. Sbtinka Antinanco Magical Eagle of the Sun
  9. The Natural Mystic Tribute to Uncle Dex
  10. Nyahbinghi High Priest
  11. Wangchuk SpiritualLeaderMediatorOf Conflict
  1. 450
  2. 426
  3. 426
  4. 425
  5. 418
  6. 411
  7. 382
  8. 379
  9. 379
  10. 366
  11. 353
Here are the results for the Queen of the Bands (Juniors):
  1. Natalia D'Abrteau
  2. Ariya Lyder-Baptiste
  3. Naomi Noel
  4. Cyan Lue Sue
  5. Junelle Bonaparte
  6. Vaughnecia Mieres
  7. Jeanessa Neptune
  8. Priya Nagasar
  9. Ashley Rambharose
  10. Brianna De Peaza
  1. I Drean of Eldorado
  2. Yaa Asantewaa- Queen Mother of Ashanti
  3. Lady Soucouyant Emerges from the Midnight sky
  4. Magic over Marianne
  5. The Sun Dancer
  6. Maui Queen of Polynesia
  7. A Black Souvenir Doll
  8. The Enchanted Cobra Queen
  9. Maharani - Queen
  10. Ajuoga The Witch Doctor
  1. 437
  2. 431
  3. 402
  4. 396
  5. 390
  6. 390
  7. 389
  8. 387
  9. 385
  10. 378
Social Commentary | Social Commentary Monarch Results
  1. Karene Asche
  2. Brian London
  3. Helon Francis
Name of Singer
  1. Karene Asche
  2. Brian London
  3. Helon Francis
  1. Bring back the Love
  2. Paradise
  3. We Trinidad
Political Commentary | Political Monarch Results
  1. Duane O'Connor
  2. Cro Cro 
  3. Chuck Gordon
Name of Singer
  1. Duane O'Connor
  2. Winston Rawlins
  3. Roderick Gordon
  1. Mod. Nursery Rhymes
  2. Advice to the Boss
  3. Fixing Time
Extempore | Extempore  Monarch Results
  1. Gypsy
  2. Lingo
Name of Singer
  1. Winston Peters
  2. Joseph Vautor-La Placeliere
Topic/Anything Goes
  1. Carte Blanche
  2. Carte Blanche
The Extempore Final Battle for Kaisorama 2016 Trinidad and Tobago| Gypsy vs Lingo

Calypso Monarch Results

Congratulations are extended to Mr. Devon Seale on being crowned the new Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2016.

Here is the order they finished and the songs they sang:
Name of Singer
  1. Devon Seale
  2. Helon Francis
  3. Roderick Gordon
  4. Karene Asche
  5. Selvon 'Mistah Shak' Noel
  6. Dr. Hollis Liverpool
  7. Heather Mc Intosh
  8. Victoria C. Rahim
  9. Winston 'Gypsy' Peters
  10. Winston Rawlins
  11.  Carlos 'Skatie' James
  12. Marsha Davis-Clifton
Song #1
  1. Respect God's Voice
  2. Paradise
  3. Fixing Time
  4. Bring Back D'Love
  5. Generation Next 
  6. The Road Bad
  7. By Other Men's Fault
  8. More Hope
  9. Too Many
  10. Advice to the Boss
  11. Jus Come Chinee
  12. Murder a Day
Song #2
  1. The Spirit of Carnival
  2. Real Bandits
  3. It Eh Go Wuk
  4. The Politics of Spite
  5. #HYSM
  6. When Trini Get Vex
  7. The Headquarters
  8. The After Shock
  9. Ship of State
  10. Can I look in your eyes
  11. Right Back on Track 
  12. My Music
Relive the Moment the Results were announced!
Devon Seale's winning performance for the 2016 Dimanche Gras Competition. He was crowned Calypso Monarch. 

Bois (Stick Fighting) Finals for Carnival 2016

The YouTube video presentation is long! If you are prepared to spend two hours and nine minutes watching the action.

Parade of the Bands: Band of the Year
Downtown Port-of-Spain Band of the YearThe following results are for Downtown Port-of-Spain! These results are not the major results that are judged at the Queen' s Park Savannah. However, these are important results that must be noted here.

  1. 'Tears of ...'
  2. Lost Tribe The Savannah
  3. The Street Garden
Name of Band
  1. Ronnie/Caro The Mas Band
  2. The Lost Tribe
  3. Trinidad All Stars
Designed By
  1. Ronnie/Caro
  2. ***
  3. ***
Band of the Year | D'Savannah
  1. 'Tears Of...'
  2. Lost Tribe The Savannah
  3. Touch of Woodbrook Then/Now
Name of Band
  1. Ronnie/Caro The Mas Band
  2. The Lost Tribe
  3. Trini Revellers
Designed By
  1. Ronnie/Caro

Here are the complete results as posted in the Trinidad Express News Paper
Parade of the Bands

1st Ronnie and Caro (Winner:Downtown and at the Savannah)
2nd Lost Tribe
3rd Trinidad all Stars Steel Orchestra

1st K2K
2nd Jus Wee and Friends
3rd Wee International Mas

1st De Crewe
2nd Flirt
3rd Tribal Connection

Original Jab Jabs

Fallen Angels

Jouvert King
Herbert Pierre

Jouvert Queen
Helen Fullard
Junior Parade of the Bands

1st Carnival Babies
2nd Zebapique Production
3rd Rosalind Gabriel Carnival Production Ltd

1st Classix Production
2nd Bois Canot Production
3rd Boissierre Village Children’s Band

Rosary Boys’ RC School
Bougwahh Mas
Carnival Players Children’s Band

1st La ta Caille Kidz
2nd The Reservation
3rd St Margaret’s Boys Anglican School

1st J’nai Edwards & Kobe Solomon
2nd Alexis Snaggs & Peyton Snaggs
3rd Malachi Benny & Alaia Williams

Most Outstanding Tradition Mas
Rhapsody in Blue

Most Colorful Band
Large - Ronnie and Caro
Medium - Jus Wee and Friends
Small - Tribal Connection Cultural Promotion
Mini - Cheyenne People
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