Soca & Calypso Monarch Results | St. Kitts/Nevis 2015/16

The following results for the St. Kitts/Nevis Soca Monarch competition are presented here for your perusal. Take a look and see if your favorite artist delivered the winning performance.

The following results are for the Soca Monarch and Calypso Monarch competitions for Saint Kitts/Nevis 'Sugar Mas' 2016! 

Groovy Soca Monarch Results:
Name of Song
  1. Can't Wait
  2. On Di Road
  3. Link Up
  4. Sweet Hand Man
  1. Nicha B
  2. Mr. Bagnall
  3. KJah
  4. Fantastic Thunder
Name of  Singer
  1. Nicha Byron
  2. Janos Bagnall
  3. Kemarri Armstrong

Power Soca Monarch Results:
Name of Song
  1. Bite
  2. All Hail the King
  3. Jackhammer
  4. Mass Destruction
  1. Mr. Hype
  2. Sugar Bowl
  3. KT & Lax
  4. Ihjana
Name of Singer 

Calypso Monarch results:
Name of Song
  1. Reparations
  2.  Dear Guardian
  3. Carnival Pressure
  4. Our Dilemma
  1. King Astro
  2. Singing Jackie
  3. I-Soursop
  4. Craig
Name of Singer
  1. Oscar Browne
  2. Jacqueline Leader
  3. Calvin Johnson

Calypso  Monarch Winner | King Astro | Watch the Performance!

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