R.I.P. Soca Monarch 2016 | Trinidad Carnival 2016

There really isn't much to add to the title of this post. Everyone who could not see the live show understands the sentiments of the photo posted here today. I noticed a thread on islandmix.com titled R.I.P. to the Soca Monarch competition. We, at Zagada, are not first with this (including the photo). That credit goes to "Notorious Saga"... Kudos to him, we could not have said it better!

Prestige Promotions banned all video uploads to YouTube for the show that took place on Friday night (2/5/2016) until Sunday February 7, 2017. Why was this done? Simply put they wanted you to pay for the pre-recorded show on Saturday February 6, 2016. Here is the problem with that... first off that show is now stale; Soca Monarch has to be seen when it is taking place to harness the adrenalin of the moment. Secondly and the most important fact is that it is scheduled to show when the Panorama finals is taking place. No Trinidadian is going to watch a pre-recorded show when Panorama is streaming live and free on television/the Internet. "They Mad or What?

So we concur with the "Notorious Saga"... R.I.P. to the International Soca Monarch Competition. The Show had a great run... until we meet again with new management and a better understanding of what the people of Trinidad and Tobago and those living in foreign want!

The results for the show is scheduled to be announced at the end of the show tonight. We will post the results and funeral arrangements for Soca Monarch 2016 as soon as they become available.

Here is a comment from the islandmix.com posting.
Dedetriniking remarked"
Agreed...somebody should lose their job over this. And really it will be very disrespectful to the national instrument to stream this soca show tonight. This is the night for pan finals and it should not be competing with soca for local and foreign viewers. Dohtishness!!

Soca Monarch Results 2016

1. Aaron St. Louis aka Voice
2. Akeem Chance aka Preedy
3. Patrice Roberts (Tie)
3. Dexter Stewart aka Blaxx (Tie)

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