Panorama Finals Small & Single Pan Bands 2016 | Trinidad & Tobago

Pan Trinibago's hope is that you latch on to their watch-words 'Excitement and Excellence' for the finals of the Small and Single Pan Bands scheduled to take place at Skinner Park in San Fernando on Thursday February 4th., 2016. 

If you love to listen to Steel Pan music then San Fernando is you destination of choice on Thursday. The show should be broadcast live on the radio/Internet feeds and via CTNT Television. We will put up the links when they are confirmed.

If you would like to listen to the songs the bands will be playing for their final appearance for Carnival 2016 then go to When Steel Talks to play the songs. When Steel Talks gets the songs before anyone. Sometimes they are the only place to hear the songs.

Here is the link to play/listen: 
Songs for Steelband Music Trinidad and Tobago/Carnival 2016

Small Conventional Steel Orchestras Finals Order of Appearance for Carnival 2016 | Trinidad and Tobago
Name of Band
  1. Tamana Pioneers
  2. Arima Golden Symp
  3. Our Boys 
  4. Fascinators Pan Symp
  5. LaHorquettaPan Groov
  6. Tornadoes
  7. New East Side Dimen
  8. Laventille Seranaders
  9. 5 Rivers Mod. Symp
  10. Pandemonium
Arranged by
  1. Richard Gittens
  2. Terrance Marcelle
  3. Anselm Campbell
  4. Yohan Popwell
  5. Kion Robinson
  6. Shervon Edwards
  7. Mihail Salcedo
  8. Arddin Herbert
  9. Erwin Lewis
  10. Akua Leith
Song Title
  1. Mystery Band
  2. D Greatest Invention
  3. Gimme More
  4. Like Ah Boss
  5. Raising Dust
  6. Mash It Up 
  7. Both Ah Dem
  8. Pan Jumbie
  9. Pan in Danger
  10. My House
Single Pan Bands Finals Order of Appearance for Carnival 2016 | Trinidad and Tobago
Name of Band
  1. Pan Jammers
  2. Woodbrook Playboyz
  3. Platinum
  4. Marsicans
  5. Trinidad Nostalgic
  6. T & T Defence Force
  7. Gonzales Sheikers
  8. Arima All Stars
  9. Uni Stars
  10. Shades in Steel 
  11. Trinidad E. Side Symp
  12. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove
  13. T&T Fire Services 
  14. San Juan E Side Symp
  15. Newtown Playboys Symp
  16. DOriginalWoodbrook Mod
  17. Pan Stereonettes

Arranged by
  1. Robert Torbitt
  2. Michelle H Watts
  3. Natasha Joseph
  4. Marlon White
  5. Amrit Samaroo
  6. Sheldon Peters
  7. Keisha Codrington
  8. Brian Austin
  9. Kareem Brown
  10. Dante Pantin
  11. Carlon Harewood
  12. Shaun & Simon Marcano
  13. Terrence Marcelle
  14. Duvonne Stewart
  15. Seion Gomez
  16. Ankoina Paul
  17. Anselm Campbell
Song Title
  1. Somebody
  2. Free-Up
  3. Unknown Band
  4. Say Say
  5. Gimme More
  6. Don't stop this party
  7. Like Ah Boss
  8. Kaka Roach
  9. The Jammer
  10. No no we eh going home
  11. Total Disorder
  12. Teaser 
  13. Rebecca 
  14. No no we eh going home
  15. On The Road
  16. On The Road
  17. Pan In Danger

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