Pan in Yuh Pwefen from De Big Yard/Trinidad | Panorama Finals 2016

Excitement and Excellence as the best of  Trinidad and Tobago vie for top honors at the Queen's Park Savannah. Pick one of the two radio stations listed here to listen to the show LIVE from De Big Yard!

Watch the Panorama Finals from the Queen's Park Savannah live from CTNT World at the following link: Panorama Finals Live Now

The finals is scheduled to take place at the Queen's Park Savannah (De Big Yard) on Saturday February 6, 2016 starting at 7:00. Those who plan to attend tonight want to see if Phase II can repeat their Semi-Final performance and wrest the title of Champion Steelband from Trinidad All Stars

Cam All Stars get the triple victory tonight (Panorama 2016, World Champs 2015). Well you will have to tune in and wait like everyone else for the new champs to be announced. The show should be broadcast via CTNT Television and one of the local radio stations (both available via the Internet). We will post links before the show starts. 

If you would like to listen to the songs the bands will be playing for their final appearance for Carnival 2016 then go to When Steel Talks to play the songs. When Steel Talks gets the songs before anyone. Sometimes they are the only place to hear the songs.

Here is the link to play/listen: 
Songs for Steelband Music Trinidad and Tobago/Carnival 2016

Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras Finals Order of Appearance for Panorama/Carnival 2016
Name of Band
  1. Pan Elders
  2. Curepe Scherzando
  3. Steel Xplosion
  4. Katzenjammers
  5. Couva Joylanders
  6. Buccooneers
  7. West Side Symphony
  8. Dixieland
  9. Sound Spec. Laventille
  10. Melodians
Arranged by
  1. Duvonne Stewart
  2. Yohan Popwell
  3. Arddin Herbert
  4. Terrance Marcelle
  5. Kareem Brown
  6. Seion Gomez
  7. Mickiel Gabriel
  8. Leon Edwards
  9. Ken Philmore
  10. Amrit Samaroo
Song Title
  1. Me Eh Fighting
  2. Madness
  3. Wanted Dead or Alive
  4. I Don't Mind
  5. Come With Me
  6. Bass on Fire
  7. Dead or Alive
  8. Soca Baptist
  9. Ganges & Nile
  10. Fete
Large Conventional Steel Orchestras Finals Order of Appearance for Panorama/Carnival 2016
Name of Band
  1. Fonclaire
  2. RedemptionSoundSetters
  3. Phase II Pan Groove
  4. Skiffle
  5. Supernovas
  6. Silver Stars
  7. Renegades
  8. Invaders
  9. Desperadoes
  10. Trinidad All Stars
Arranged by
  1. Ken Prof. Philmore
  2. M. Toby/D.Shepard
  3. Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe
  4. Brooks,WilliamsFranklin
  5. Amrit Samaroo
  6. Liam Teague
  7. Duvonne Stewart
  8. Arddin Herbert
  9. CarltonZanderAlexander
  10. Leon SmoothEdwards
Song Title
  1. Bass on Fire
  2. No no we eh going home
  3. Madd Music
  4. How she like it
  5. Breakthrough
  6. Panoramic 
  7. Music inside meh head
  8. Take That
  9. Different Me
  10. Leave We Alone
We have put together a play-list of the Semi-Finals Performances for the Large Conventional bands that will be in the finals. This is your opportunity to relive the 'Semis' and see if you can pick up on something that could help you decide on a possible winner this year.

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