Fantastic Friday/Soca Monarch Finals Order of Appearance Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Tonight is the night that the show of shows for local and Caribbean talent takes place at the Haseley Crawford Stadium in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. The show is considered an open race for a new Monarch. The talent is considered even with many artists fielding a song that is already a hit on radio. So who do you think will rise to the top?

At Zagada we believe that the one artist who can sing (we mean sing and not shout), perform well and delivers a decent presentation on stage will win it! Don't be surprised if your choice runs on stage and jumps around and becomes winded and cannot sing properly.

These artists never learn and that could be the downfall of many tonight. A good controlled performance will win tonight! The songs are all good and it will come down to a smart controlled delivery to pull it off.

Let the music play and may the smartest, most talented artist rise to the top. Watch out for Saint Lucia's talented song Teddyson John tonight along with Aaron St. Louis (Voice). 'Voice' has the song to win it all but can he control his performance to pull it off. Don't underestimate the drive and poise of last years winner Olatunji Yearwood.... he has a boss song and is 'flying under the radar'.  We wish all the artists the very best tonight!

The official competition is scheduled to start at 8 pm and will feature guest performances by seven-time winner, Soca Master Machel Montano, and this year’s Chutney Soca Monarch Kris Veeshal Persad aka K.I.

Fantastic Friday Pre-Show:
Those who are fortunate to attend this show should note that the gates open at 7:00 pm for the 'Pre-Show' featuring Jeromy Rodriquez, Serio Camejo, Aaron Duncan, Melly Rose, Ann G, Calypso Rose and KI & The Band. Then the show starts. After the show is done there will be an 'After Party' that ends at 4:00 am.

International Soca Monarch: The televised show:
The show will be aired tomorrow on CNC3 Television locally and PPV in US and Canada. The show also includes live results shown tomorrow for the first time to anyone.

Here is the PPV Link:(not for tonight/good for Saturday!)

CNC3 Television:
Don't miss the broadcast of the International Soca Monarch Finals, Saturday 6th February at 5PM, exclusively on CNC3! Stay Tuned till the end to be the first to know who is crown the ISM Winner 2016!

Trinidad Guardian Notes:
The competition will be shorter this year as the categories have been eliminated, leaving power and groovy as one group. Winners will also be announced in a televised show the following day, a new change for the competition. Performers will be competing for $1 million first prize.

During a short address to artistes chairman of the Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF), Peter Scoon, told artistes to bring their “A Game” as the competition was a tough one. He also advised artistes that video recording by unaccredited professionals would not be allowed.
  1. Cloud 5
  2. M1/Menace
  3. Peter Ram
  4. Hypasounds
  5. Lyrikal
  6. Sekon Sta
  7. Preedy
  8. Shurwayne
  9. Patrice
  10. Pternsky
  11. Farmer Nappy
  12. 5 Star Akil
  13. Teddyson John
  14. Shal Marshall
  15. Ricardo drue
  16. Third Bass
  17. Rikki Jai
  18. Blaxx
  19. Voice
  20. Olatunji
      Name of Singer/Artist
      1. Big Red, Melo, KC & Scout
      2. Sherwin Jeremiah
      3. Peter Wiggins
      4. Damiam Etienne
      5. Devon Martin
      6. Nesta Boxill
      7. Akeem Chance
      8. Shurwayne Winchester
      9. Patrice Roberts
      10. Ronny Boyce
      11. Darryl Henry
      12. Akil Borneo
      13. Teddyson John
      14. Stephenson Marshall
      15. Ricardo Barriteau
      16. Adrian Hackshaw
      17. Samraj Jaimungal
      18. Dexter Stewart
      19. Aaron St. Louis
      20. Olatunji Yearwood
          1. No Behavior
          2. Trouble (When De Sun Rise)
          3. All Ah We
          4. How She Like It 
          5. Freedom
          6. Magic
          7. Veteran
          8. Truck Driver
          9. Money Done
          10. Non Stop
          11. BamBilamBamBilamBilamBam
          12. Different Me
          13. Allez
          14. Party
          15. Professional
          16. Bum Bum
          17. Leh We Fete
          18. Masters of Mas
          19. Cheers To Life
          20. Oh Yay
          One Power Soca Song
          Did you notice that 19 of the 20 songs listed are from the Groovy Soca Category? Yup that is correct! The only Power Soca entrant is "Truck Driver" by Shurwayne Winchester. Do you think that the only Power Soca song in this competition can win it all?

          Music Player: Here is a listing of some of the songs that we expect to hear for the show tonight. We have listed the songs in the same order that the artists will appear on stage tonight. 

          Video Player: Here it it folks... the Soca Monarch Finals Show in its entirety... sit back, relax and enjoy the Show!

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