Party Done/De Carnival is Over | Trinidad and Tobago 2016

Oh my gosh, can you believe that the Carnival is over? Party done just like that! For those whom are island bound you will have to wait until next year. However, there will be many West Indian style Carnivals coming up soon and we will have all the new music and latest news right her for you to enjoy. 

Trinidad and Tobago had a wonderful time and some problems from the past still exist. Maybe one day they will get it right. The culture of Trinidad and Tobago can provide great income if it is marketed properly. They will have to invest to reap the financial rewards... we are yet to see any improvements in that regard. The poor television/Internet coverage and substandard quality of live transmissions is just outrageous in this day of technological advances. Do you remember Carnival TV? Their broadcast was in High Definition and Machel Monday was broadcast in High Definition. The national television station continues to provide substandard definition broadcasts. Another very annoying issue is 'Stage Lighting'! Stage performances need proper lighting... damn people!

Trinidad and Tobago Society simply don't seem to care much about what matters most and the harder things get the happier they seem to be (that is the truth!). The Soca Monarch people have to get back to the drawing board and come up with a formula to bring back the crowds to that very popular show. They (Prestige Promotions) must stream the show live! A delayed PPV broadcast is just stale and out of touch with what is going on (like running it during live and free broadcast of Panorama competition)! So until Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival comes again we say goodbye to another year of good music and crazy feting. 

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and many of the people who partied hard and chipped to the music on the streets will be first on line to receive ashes. There will be thousands of sore feet and absenteeism from jobs tomorrow. Broken hearts and broken pockets but "we cyar wait for Carnival to come again"

So that is all she wrote folks... King Carnival is going to bed until the sun shines on the island in 2017. We have three songs here for your listening pleasure. Sit back and relax and reminisce about the festival that was!

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