First Bouyon Monarch Crowned | Dominica 2016

The first Bouyon Monarch Competition took place on Saturday January 30, 2016 at Windsor Park Sports Stadium. The lone female artist in this inaugural competition, Carlyn Xavier-Phillip emerged as winner (first prize $7,000.00).  In second place was Beno ($5,000.00) while Anwar took the third place prize of $3,000.00.

Now you have an official Bouyon Music Web Page to learn more about this new competition. Bookmark the home-page and return regularly for updates!

Notes: “Bouyon Monarch 2016 – An original, Bouyon experience”
The Bouyon Monarch, not to be confused with ‘Band Splash’, seeks to transform the Bouyon genre; not by replacing any existing Bouyon styles, but by adding depth to an already dynamic genre. 

The results are posted below with the soundcloud player of the winning song sung by Carlyn Xavier-Phillip. 
Name of Song
  1. Bouyon Wuk
  2. Dancing With You
  3. Down de Road
Sobriquet of Artist
  1. Carlyn XP
  2. Beno
  3. Anwar
Name of Artist
  1. Carlyn Xavier-Phillip

The following is the video footage (YouTube) of the winning performance of Dominica's first Bouyon Monarch!

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