Soca Monarch - The Finalists | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Recession may be the main topic of discussion in Trinidad and Tobago these days but that did not have any impact on Sunday's Soca Monarch Semi Finals competition at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain. The grand stand was full and rocking as the artists competed for a place in the finals. 

The format change for the show faded in the background as the lure of 'being there' took precedence over everything else. "Soca First", the theme for this year's competition, was a reality on Sunday! The people love their Soca music and the artists and even though they (the artists) delivered horrible singing performances the crowd did not notice and feted with their Soca heroes.

Let's hope that the final performances will be quality performances. I could care less about the antics on stage. However, I do care about good singing performances. There is no opportunity for auto-tune vocal performances. No excuses and please stop the 'low, low, low'. I don't want any Soca artist to talk to me during the performance. Save that for the interview after the performance. Just go on stage and sing the damn song!

Listen to the songs (Studio Recordings/YouTube Playlist) the artists will sing on Fantastic Friday at the following link: Soca Monarch Finals - The Songs | Trinidad & Tobago 2016 

We are here today to feature the artists who made it to the finals. The finalists are listed below along with their country of origin:
  1. Voice
  2. Third Bass
  3. Preedy
  4. 5 Star Akiel
  5. Hypasounds
  6. Farmer Nappy
  7. Lyrikal
  8. Blaxx
  9. Cloud 5
  10. Sekon Sta
  11. Patrice
  12. Ricardo Drue
  13. Pternsky
  14. Rikki Jai
  15. Shurwayne
  16. Shal Marshall
  17. Teddyson John
  18. Ola (Defend. Monarch)
      Name of Singer/Artist
      1. Aaron St. Louis
      2. Adrian Hackshaw
      3. Akeem Chance
      4. Akil Borneo
      5. Damian Etienne
      6. Darryl Henry
      7. Devon Martin
      8. Dexter Stewart
      9. Big Red, Melo, KC & Scout
      10. Nesta Boxill
      11. Patrice Roberts
      12. Ricardo Barriteau
      13. Ronny Boyce
      14. Samraj Jaimungal
      15. Shurwayne Winchester
      16. Stephenson Marshall
      17. Teddyson John
      18. Olatunji Yearwood
          1. Trinidad
          2. Trinidad
          3. Trinidad
          4. Trinidad
          5. Barbados
          6. Trinidad
          7. T'dad/US
          8. Trinidad
          9. Grenada
          10. Trinidad
          11. Trinidad
          12. Antigua
          13. Trinidad
          14. Trinidad
          15. Tobago
          16. Trinidad
          17. St. Lucia
          18. Trinidad
          There are two spots left to be filled in the finals! This will be done via the wild card. The wild cards are selected from the order of merit list from the Semi-Finals held on January 17th, 2016. They are therefore the next four artistes with the highest points. These Wild cards will compete via public voting to gain a spot at the Finals on Fantastic Friday. This competition is sponsored by NLCB.

          The Wildcard artistes are as follows:
          1. Kernal Roberts
          2. Peter Ram
          3. M1 aka Menace
          4. Jaiga
          Name of Singer
          1. Kernal Roberts
          2. Peter Wiggins
          3. Sherwin Jeremiah
          4. Terrin Callender
          1. Trinidad
          2. Barbados
          3. Trinidad
          4. Trinidad
          The winning prize of the Carib Breakout Artiste of the year is sponsored by Honda City and SLAM 100.5 FM. The winner would receive one hundred thousand dollars cash compliments Honda City. Two artistes were selected based on their scores from fan votes which ended at midnight on Sunday 17th January, 2016.The Carib break out artists of the year

          These artistes would have an opportunity to perform on Fantastic Friday. A fresh round of voting would begin right after this announcement for these two selected artistes and will end on Fantastic Friday February 5th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

          The two qualifying artistes are: 
          1. Jadel
          2. Salty
          Name of Singer
          1. Jardine Legere
          2. Dillon Charles
          1. Trinidad
          2. Trinidad

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