My Girl | RemBunction | Trinidad & Tobago 2015 Carnival 2016

Let's take a step back and slow things down just a little. This song, entitled "My Girl" was released in August 2015 but was not featured on this site. Let's correct that now. Take a listen to RemBunction as he gets serious and opens up and reveals the softer side of his musical talents. Ladies and gentlemen here is Rembunction in the 'Soca Love Zone' with "My Girl"!

Music Release Notes:
His work immediately conjures laughter, bringing on a cheerful smile while it fills your heart with merry lyrics that can brighten any atmosphere. In fact in the last decade, Roland "RemBunction" Yearwood has shared his personal brand of unadulterated comedic entertainment in music and videos with audiences globally. This distinct style has made him a household name in his native Trinidad and Tobago as well as an entertainer who is welcomed to stages far and wide.

As successful as it has all been though, RemBunction is an artist who believes that life and art must always involve continuous growth. And it is that belief which is currently motivating the next very revealing step forward in his career. According to him, all that you did not know about Remy you are about to find out, when he invites everyone to venture onto The Flip side.

It begins with his new release "My Girl". A song that introduces listening audiences to RemBunction's sensual side, where imagination and hands run wild and boundaries are immaterial.
The sexy track reflects this newly launched aspect to Remy's career as he embraces what can familiarly be referred to as the 'grown-folks' side to his personality. Without question the coming months are going to get musically steamy as RemBunction releases songs that focus on more adult themes, and which will give listeners a different perspective on his naturally introspective nature. This may be a bit unexpected by his current fan base, but he does promise that his light hearted tunes will never end, and that this new music will still keep your lips, and now your hips, twitching with pleasure.

Walking this new path also involved Remy heading to New York to work with new music producers, which has been fruitfully developing right alongside his ongoing projects in Trinidad, and a few Canadian-based productions as well.

The overall experience has already been a meaningful one, opening him and his music up to innovations not just in sound but in lyrical style as well. He explained, "I am keeping an open mind, and letting the music inside of me that has been wanting to come out take control. This will mean new music and songwriting collaborations that might surprise many, but will hopefully let them see how much more RemBunction has to give."
The talented vocalist, songwriter, and producer is excited to tease and tickle his fans with fantasies as he explores the many ways he can express his unique creative energy.

Music lovers definitely have much to look forward to when The Flip side of Remy is put on full display. Including songs with a universal appeal, which everyone from Toco to Timbuktu will be able to feel in the very center of their being.
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: My Girl
Performed by: Roland "RemBunction" Yearwood
Directed by: Remy
Written by: Roland Yearwood
Produced by: Andre Mustapha
Mixed and Mastered by: Dj Future (Ahtik Studios)

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