Chutney Soca Monarch 2016 GRAND FINALS

This Chutney Soca Monarch could be considered the people's competition with free admission granted for the finals. In a recessionary time this is a welcome announcement. Just listen to 103FM for all the updates and feel the excitement as the radio hosts 'hype' the show. We will provide links to the show scheduled for Skinner's Park, San Fernando on January 23rd. 2016!
Let's make sure you get it right:
The people's concert aka Chutney Soca Monarch (Traditional and Chutney Soca) takes place at Skinners Park San Fernando tonight! Everyone entering the show venue before 9:00 pm will not pay an entrance fee. After 9:00 pm patrons will pay TT$200/VIP TT$300 to get into the venue. 

This show also gives patrons the opportunity to bring in their coolers before 10:00 pm. What more can one ask for? Oh yes, good music and a damn good time. 

Enjoy your Party Monarch, your Cooler Monarch competition tonight. May the best singer/performer rise to the top! The show will be live on 103 FM tonight from 9:00 pm.

Radio Feed Here103 FM Trinidad &Tobago/Chutney Soca Monarch

Live Video Feed: WIN HD Caribbean; This site shows the interviews after the performances!

Traditional Chutney Soca Monarch Category: Ten (10) Contestants
Name of Singer
  1. Rakesh Yankarran
  2. Asha Kamchee
  3. Rawtyee Ramroop
  4. Heeralal Rampertap
  5. R.T. Butkoon
  6. Shiva Lackhan
  7. Kavita Maharajh
  8. Rasika Dindial
  9. Rooplal Girdharie
  10. Drupatee Ramgoonai
Name of Song
  1. ****
  2. ****
  3. Moti Ke Jhumka
  4. Humko Bole
  5. Ban Jaho
  6. Morey Dulhaniya
  7. Toray Paiya
  8. Bandarwah
  9. Banai Loongi
  10. ***
Chutney Soca Monarch Category: Ten (10) Contestants
Name of Singer
  1. Rick Ramoutar
  2. Veekash Sahadeo
  3. Omardath Maharaj
  4. General Imran “GI”
  5. Adesh Samaroo
  6. Kenneth Supersad
  7. Nishard Mayhroo
  8. Rikki Jaimungal
  9. Ravi Bissambhar
  10. KI Persad
Name of Song
  1. Meh Mother In Law
  2. Part Time Lover
  3. Balkissoon
  4. Raining Rum
  5. Gold Digger
  6. Mind Yuh Business
  7. Therapy
  8. Kings of the night
  9. Personal
  10. Same Gyal Twice
The YouTube Playlist below lists the songs in order of appearance (not the results). These are the original recordngs not the live performances. Enjoy the music.

The  Results are in:
Chutney Soca Monarch Results 2016

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