Calypso Fiesta Semi-Finalists 2016 | Trinidad & Tobago

The image of the Greatest Calypsonian ever, the Mighty Sparrow, watches over the 2016 crop of Semi Finalists contending for the Monarch Title now held by Roderick "Chucky" Gordon. May the best singers rise to the top; and, to the great one... live long and prosper Sparrow!

Calypso lovers are in for a treat when the forty semi-finalists for this years Calypso Monarch title. The contestants will compete for a place in the finals at the Calypso Fiesta show scheduled for Skinners Park in San Fernando on Saturday January 30, 2016. The show is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon Trinidad time (11:00 am Eastern Standard Time). This is a must see/must listen event!

This is the show when a bad performance could encounter a toilet paper missile delivery. The fans are do not hold back and the bad performances get their 'just due'. Look out for political assassination and lyrical mischief as the artists attempt to impress the judges and a very judgmental audience.

If you can't be there then make sure and tune in to the show via the Internet/radio or television where available. We will put up links as they become available.  We have revised the previous listing to show the order of appearance of the Calypsonians. Thanks to Annie Romany-Chisholm for the order of appearance. We had to dig deep to find the name of the songs. They are all here!

Live Audio from WACK RADIO 901 FM (Radio Player posted on top of Chat Box to the right of this posting). Enjoy the show and thanks to Mr. Kenny Phillips and WACK Radio!

The show is also streaming live via CTV at the following link: CTNTWorld

This is the order of Appearance for the 2016 Calypso Fiesta Semi-Finals. Tune in to the show where ever you may be... it will be a blast!
  1. Ife Alleyne
  2. Ras Kommanda
  3. Duane O'Connor
  4. The Psalmist
  5. Tamika Darius
  6. Karen Eccles
  7. Mistah Shak
  8. Myron B
  9. Karene Asche
  10. Protector
  11. Young Poser 
  12. Heather McIntosh
  13. Alana Sinette
  14. Lady Wonder
  15. Last Bad John 
  16. Devon Seales
  17. Calypso Prince
  18. Luta
  19. Tigress
  20. Kizzie Ruiz
  21. Slick
  22. Macomere Fifi
  23. Brian London
  24. Stephen Marcelle
  25. Singing Sandra
  26. Lady Adana
  27. Chalkdust
  28. Helon Francis
  29. The Messenger
  30. Gypsy
  31. Stacie Sobers
  32. Queen Victoria
  33. Joanne Foster
  34. Spicey
  35. Alicia Richards
  36. Leslie Ann Ellis
  37. Michelle Henry
  38. Tiny
  39. Happy
  40. Cro Cro
  41. Skatie
Name of Singer
  1. Ife Alleyne
  2. Steve Pascal
  3. Duane O'Connor
  4. Sean Daniel
  5. Tamika Darius
  6. Karen Eccles
  7. Selvon Noel
  8. Myron Bruce
  9. Karene Asche
  10. Michael Legerton
  11. Vivian Lockhart
  12. Heather McIntosh
  13. Alana Sinette Khan
  14. Dianne Hendrickson
  15. Kurt Allen
  16. Devon Seales
  17. Henson Wright
  18. Morel Peters
  19. Joanne Rowley
  20. Kizzie Ruiz
  21. Hammond Bruce
  22. Eulith Woods
  23. Brian London
  24. Stephen Marcelle
  25. Sandra Des Vignes Mil
  26. Marsha Clifton
  27. Hollis Liverpool
  28. Helon Francis
  29. Georgia McIntyre
  30. Winston Peters
  31. StaceySobersAbraham
  32. Victoria Cooper
  33. Joanne Foster
  34. Tammico Moore
  35. Alicia Richards
  36. Lesley Ann Ellis
  37. Michelle Henry
  38. Kerine Williams
  39. Gilbert O'Connor
  40. Winston Rawlins
  41. Carlos James
Name of Song
  1. Brotherly Sisterly Love
  2. She Never Write Meh
  3. Modern Nursery Rhymes
  4. Right Here
  5. Glory Hallelujah
  6. Pull That Trigger
  7. Generation Next
  8. Boat Ride
  9. Bring Back De Love
  10. Port-of-Spain
  11. In Good Hands
  12. By Other Men's Faults
  13. Morons & Oxymorons
  14. Nation Building
  15. Pot Of Gold
  16. Respect God's Voice
  17. Baptist Donkey'
  18. Same Sex Marriage
  19. Fire & Ice
  20. The Magic Magnet
  21. Strange Fruits
  22. Before Yuh Gone
  23. We Trinidad
  24. Shame On You
  25. All For You
  26. Murder A Day
  27. When Trini Get Vex
  28. Paradise 
  29. Just One Mile
  30. Too Many
  31. One Love
  32. The After Shock
  33. Thou Art Loose
  34. D'Champion
  35. Election Conduct
  36. Shoe That Were Mary's
  37. Ask Yourself
  38. Fruits Ain't Ripe Yet
  39. Don't Blush
  40. Advice To The Boss
  41. Back On Track
Here are some of the songs that you heard for the Calypso Fiesta Semi-Finals. Take a listen and let us know if the performances lived up to your expectations.

pdate 02/07/2016
Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2016
Go to the following link to see the entire results: Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch 2016


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