Young and Free | Vanessa Headley | T'dad Panorama 2016

Phew... finally Zagada scored one for those who love to listen to songs for the pan. Zagada has complained for years that songs for Panorama are not available for posting simply because the artists and composers of the music send the songs exclusively to 'When Steel Talks'. Now don't get us wrong we have no issue with 'When Steel Talks' featuring the songs but why the exclusivity?

So today we decided to call Miss Vanessa Headley of WACK  radio (she was hosting her Pan show) to ask why her song was not available to the general public. Good news! Vanessa guided us to Sound Cloud for the link to the song. She even included a download button for those who want to download and listen 'on demand' on their respective music players.

We thank Vanessa for her assistance and now have the song on this site for your listening pleasure. This should sound really sweet on pan and look forward to hearing her arrangement (Vanessa is boss panist and arranger) of her composition.

"Young and Free: has an excellent 'pan vibe' and a message that has value. What else can one ask for, sweet music, a calm and soothing vocal performance and a message that rings true yesterday, today and in the future. Way to go Vanessa!

Notes/When Steel Talks
At the age of four, Vanessa became the first member of the renowned Golden Hands (Steel Orchestra), and is currently the radio hostess of Steel-pan City on W.A.C.K. 90.1 FM. She is a virtuoso panist, and has won several Steel-pan Festival championships. She has been successfully arranging since the age of fourteen and placed first in the Caribbean in the CSEC Music Examinations. She is an honours graduate of The University of The West Indies and is the first panist to have received an academic scholarship by Berklee College of Music. Vanessa was also selected to perform in the College’s Five Week All Star Funk Fusion Band.

In 2015 Vanessa put forward Pan In D Galaxy as her tune for Panorama.  For the 2015 Panorama season she is back with  Fully Loaded the track featured here.

Young And Free is more than a Panorama offering. It represents another landmark on a new musical trail being blazed by its composer and singer Vanessa Alexandra Headley and as she puts it her "pan colleagues". The recording was produced with exquisite musical sensitivity by Raf Robertson. It "engaged the brave" - musicians, who, like Vanessa, have not only come out of the proverbial box, but have to totally obliterated it with their musical "grenades." This piece was composed with the youthful, highly-acclaimed steel orchestra, Golden Hands, in mind. It has allowed the meaningful collaboration of world-class, musical generals, Raf Robertson and Frankie McIntosh (Syn. Strings), with extremely talented young musicians such as Daniel Phillip (Drums and Percussion ), Clint DeCoteau (Bass), Samuel Jack (Keys), Kazio Paponette (Guitar), Natalie Yorke and Niol Manswell (BGVs), and Anthony Woodroffe Jr. (Flute).

Vanessa again graces the track with her exquisite pan playing on both double seconds and tenor and also does some BGVs. The track was meticulously engineered by Samuel Jack, of Studio 21, and was mastered by the Inimitable Martin (Mice) Raymond The alarm has been sounded. With this, fire and glory, we can be assured, our culture is no longer at stake. -- Franka Hills-Headley Executive Producer.

Comment by Ian Franklin on When Steel Talks:
Nice Vanessa, Best of luck at Panorama 2016.  Vanessa is the only person to compose the music, write the lyrics, vocalize and also arrange her tune for Golden Hands Steel Orchestra.

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Young and Free
Performed by: Vanessa Headley
Written by: Vanessa Headley
Music Composed by: Vanessa Alexandria Headley
Produced by: ***
Mixed by: ***
Mastered by: ***

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! .  We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't share the music and rob the artists of needed income!
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You introduced her as Heather Headley in your second paragraph. Heather is a different musician!