Temperature | Machel Montano | Trinidad and Tobago 2016.

Machel Montano has released his first song for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016. The song is entitled "Temperature". This song captures the spirit of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and if you are in doubt then you don't know that "it is time to jump and raise we temperature and party like we on fire" - Machel just 'hyped' the Carnival!

We know how you feel and you can say it out loudly: "De ting now start because Mr.Carnival has arrived"! Indeed it is a feeling of exuberance and it sensation is that of a shot of adrenalin that simpley brings out your carnival groove. Don't try and suppress it, just go with the flow - Machel's music (just hearing his voice) rekindles a feeling of carnival euphoria.

Today I am sticking to the Planet Fitness way of thinking: This is the "Judgment Free Zone" this morning. This is a typical Machel vibe. Keep in mind that 'at first listen' one may not grasp the full impact of the song. However, everything changes when you find yourself singing the song without thinking about it. This song has that feel; what happens next is quite simple... you can't do without it!

It is OK to confess that "yuh not feeling it but (wait for it) but it growing on meh already". Haven't you learned anything with this unique talent that is Machel Montano? This champion of Soca always finds a way to convert the disbelievers... always! Just take a look at the production notes and take notice of the talent he used to bring you "Temperature". I am intrigued with one name is particular,,, Travis World! This guy is so talented and his mixes are very engaging and unique... he is managing the "Temperature" on this track and it feels like it is already on fire!

Hold on now... Jovan James, Machel, Travis World, London Future (NYC based producer), Nikholai Greene of Bass Gang (formerly of Precision Productions) and Precision Production. I am impressed and at first listen (confession time) I must say that I auditory processes are on fire. I expect that I will even like it more as it sinks in with the constant replay on this end. Enough said... go and do yourself a favor and play the song. Enjoy the Vibez.

Keep in mind that you can become a part of the unfolding story that is "Temperature". Simply put, if you have something to say about the song please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts via the comment feature of this posting, All comments will be posted.

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Temperature
Performed by: Machel Montano
Written by: Jovan James & Machel Montano
Produced by: Travis World & London Future
Additional Production by: Nikholai Greene
Guitars: Scott Galt
Background Vocals by: Abdiel Lewis & Jenna Gaston
Mixed by: Precision Productions
Mastered by: Infrasonic Sound
Animation by Jelani Paul of Untitled51

MMXVI | Year of the MONK Evolution has begun! Machel Montano aka Monk Monté is turning up the heat on the 2016 Soca season with his first release of the year, “Temperature”.

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This is an equal opportunity site, as a result we have provided the YouTube player for Machel's first release for Carnivals in 2K16. The song has received the most hits on this site for a first day release. In other words people are craving Machel's music. Machel is the main draw of Soca and this music release clearly shows that bits and bytes are for 'The Chosen One' . Sorry Neo, Monk Monté  is "The One"!


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Anonymous said…
first look - ehh, it kinda soft, but it's growing on meh.
Anonymous said…
Music sounds like a hot track from St Lucia carnival 2015
"Hooray" - Micheal Robinson.
Trinizagada said…
Anonymous said.... Music sounds like a hot track from St Lucia carnival 2015
"Hooray" - Micheal Robinson.

Please see follow up article at the following link: