Trinidad Soca Music 2016 | Good is Not Good Enough

Zagada has been posting new music releases for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016 since early June 2015, There have been some good (decent) music releases to date but the majority of the songs heard to date could simply be considered album fillers. Let's say it bluntly, Good is Not Good Enough!

Julianpromos, one of the featured music release sites, has featured over ninety one songs to date (91/as in almost 100/check the music player below) but I can't say that I have heard one song that simply overwhelmed me. Are there a sprinkling of good songs? The answer is yes but nothing that simply blows away the top songs of Carnival 2015.

Now let's be fair, it is early in the season and the major artists have not released their songs yet. Let's see there is no Kerwin Du Bois, no Bunji Garlin and no Machel Montano. Farmer Nappy has released one song, Olatunji one song, Destra has three songs dating back to Saint Vincent and Crop Over carnivals. Those songs are decent but not songs to move a crowd into a frenzy. So what is the matter?

We have an issue with Precision Productions. It appears that KC Phillips is on hiatus in California pursing what he considers relevant music. We do hope he remembers where he came from and what got him to be where he is today - sweet Soca music. There is hope because Jason "Shaft" Bishop is writing songs like a mad man and most of the productions are done by De Red Boyz from/in Barbados. To date the Red Boyz have the music on lock with the most releases to date. They have a sweet sound and can deliver quality music. 

Music production in Trinidad and Tobago is moving ahead but there had not been a knock out release to date. Almost one hundred music releases and I have to say I heard some decent tracks but nothing to call and brag about to date. If we have heard some good music vibes then the lyrical content falls short. We need a home run song, someone to hit a six and get this thing rolling. 

Indeed we have had some good things to say about some of the music heard to date but we are still waiting for that one release that everyone will be talking about... we are listening music artists!

Join the conversation. Please let us know what you think about the new music releases to date. We will post all comments. Just use the comment feature of this blog post to share your thoughts on the topic. We respect all opinions.

The YouTube music player below lists ninety one songs released to date. There are a few god songs in the list and if you can point out that mega hit in the first 91 listed we would welcome your input and listing of the track or tracks. 

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