Trinidad Soca Bias | Yes, It Does Exist in Trinidad

This post will talk about what goes on in Trinidad and Tobago! Yes, there is a Trini Soca bias but not for the reasons most of you may assume. Soca music is still seasonal in Trinidad and Tobago regardless of what good intentions there may be with a one or two radio stations in the twin island republic. If you keep that in mind then the following will become a bit more palatable.

The country falls in love with Soca as the carnival season approaches. That means as new Trini Soca is released at the end of the year the radio stations come alive with Soca. It is all about the vibe of CARNIVAL and in this case Carnival 2016 (same applies for any year)! The music comes alive with the approaching Carnival celebrations and Trinbago becomes a Soca Music nation for a time. After Carnival is gone most of the music disappears... that is the reality!

We are talking about Trini music so artists from the other islands should not really take it personally.However, it is a known fact that Trinidad radio stations don't pay attention to the volume of music released from artists from the rest of the Caribbean region. The well known artists get played like Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child from Saint Vincent, Teddyson John from Saint Lucia, Biggie Irie, Alison Hinds, Peter Ram, Lil Rick, Hypasounds from Barbados, Talpree, Ajamu and Mr. Killa from Grenada and Skinny Banton from Carriacou. The rest of the artists remain unknown to the Trinidad listening public.

Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that the radio stations in Trinidad are not aware that new music from the rest of the islands don't exist. They know about Vincy Mas, Lucian Mas, Antigua Mas, Grenada Mas and Crop Over. Yes they do and they ignore the majority of those songs for sure. If you want to cry Bias then so be it but it is all about the Trinidad and Tobago Radio stations "Soca Switch".

Hear me loud and clear ... "SOCA SWITCH"... it is a reality in Trinidad and Tobago! Trinidad and Tobago's carnival is the first Caribbean carnival for the calendar year and the rest of the music from the 'small islands' come on stream when the 'Soca Switch' is in effect in TnT. If you can come to terms with that then you will understand why music from the rest of the islands is ignored. That is the major reason and then there is something that was addressed in the post above... Diction... yes diction is an issue!

We have to do better and I feel for the artists from the rest of the region because they are getting a raw deal from the radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago. We have to do better!

The following YouTube video talks about the Trinidad Soca Bias from a 'country other than Trinidad' point of view. Take it in before crying wolf!

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