Trinidad Soca Bias | Does It Exist in North America?

I posted an article on the perceived "Soca Music Bias" in Trinidad and Tobago but was taken to task about the video that was addressing the music scene in North America. Well I will re-post the video with a brief statement. 

Regarding the question about why small island music is not getting as much play in the North American market as do artists from Trinidad and Tobago that is up for discussion. I am sure there are many differing views. However, let me add my two cents and say this: you have to examine each market (country) and get a feel for who is pushing the music. Whom are the DJ's playing the music, who are the fete promoters and where did they come from. What is the demographic that they play to? Are the feters mostly form Trinidad or is there a good distribution of people from different islands?

The video blogger did address something pertinent to the subject. There is a common denominator and I have experienced it along the way. She spoke about "diction". Yes diction and how something is pronounced... damn that is so important...It is sometimes difficult to understand what some of the singers are saying. That is not the case with the singers from Trinidad (no apologies for that statement). That is one reason but it is not the only reason. 

I don't know if there is a cabal controlling the entire Soca Music World. I have to think that it is based on who dominates the carnival scene in North America. If it is mostly Trinis then there is your answer. 

The following YouTube video talks about the Trinidad Soca Bias from a 'country other than Trinidad' point of view. Take it in before crying wolf!

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