Throw It Back | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Bunji Garlin is on record for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016. He is the first of the 'big name artists' to release new music for the upcoming festival. The song is entitled "Throw It Back". I do hope that is not the case with this song!

Ok,,, we had the opportunity to listen to this one and it is quite a catchy number. Trust Bunji to come up with cleaver lyrical content. This one is about bumpers, wining and having a good time. Well, isn't that what Carnival is all about? So score high points for keeping the topic real and on point.

This is one song that will quickly pick up steam as festival time approaches. When carnival girls decide to "Throw It Back" you will see this song really take off. Keep your ears peeled to this song because it could become one of the more popular songs for Carnival 2016.

Something to talk about:
Now here is something I noticed with the vocal performance. Bunji appears to be 'straining his voice' on this track. I don't think that I am reaching but I don't think this is one of his finest vocal performances. Now before you get upset with  me listen to the song and Bunji's vocals on the track and judge for yourself.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Throw It Back
Performed by: Bunji Garlin
Riddim Name: Sal Salazar Riddim
Written by: Bunji Garlin
Mixed by Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip and Stadic Music
All Tracks co-written by: Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip
Riddim Mastered by: Martin 'Mice' Raymond

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