Panorama Songs 2016 | Trinidad & Tobago

Here we go again and the problem is the same... pan songs are not available to the listening public the way most Soca tracks are listed and presented. As an example, one can go to YouTube and listen to most of the new songs released to date. Now that may be the case with these pan songs but you will have to go to the When Steel Talks page to listen. 

It appears that these artists/song composers feel that the best place to expose their songs is on When Steel Talks (Pan On The Net). There are Blogs on the Internet (including this one) that would be pleased to feature these song. Zagada has many followers and visitors who come to hear not just the new Soca music releases but they would love to hear the new pan songs. We don't have the ability to present the songs.

Now don't feel that this only affects bloggers because the radio stations also have the same problem. Imagine radio stations in Trinidad don't have access to the songs. Now one can understand when a steel band plays a song and the audience does not react to it they way they should have if it was played on radio regularly. 

So if you are one of those artists/composers/arrangers who send your music to When Steel Talks for exposure please take note that it would be our pleasure to expose your songs/music. 

Listed below are some of the new songs for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016:
  1. “A Groovy Pan Song” sung by Juliet Robin - composed by Miguel “Mario” Camps    
  2. “Ah Love It” sung by Crazy - composed by Edwin Ayoung & Lewis Rowans 
  3. "Bam Bam Ville" sung by "MiMi" - composed by Edwin Ayoung & Lewis Rowans
  4. "Big Mama" sung by K V Charles - composed by Michael Gabriel   
  5. “Congrats” sung by Jodel Francois - composed by D. Smith, Carla Saunders & Turon Nicolas   
  6. "D Greatest Invention" sung by 'The Original DeFosto Himself" - composed by DeFosto
  7. "Dem Judges" sung by Joanne Foster - composed by Don Clarke & Gregory "GB" Ballantyne
  8. "Doh Jam Me" sung by "Skippy" - composed by Winston Maingot
  9. "Ghost Pan" sung by Carl "De Panman" Richards - composed by Barnet "Preacher" Henry  Carl Richards
  10. “Here Comes The Judge” sung & composed by Tellison “Tello” Forde    
  11. “Leave We Alone” sung by Sheldon Reid - composed by Clive Telemaque    
  12. "Lotto Plus" sung by "The Original DeFosto Himself" - composed by Winston Scarborogh
  13. “Nostalgia” sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Carlon “Panman” Harewood & Gregory “GB” Ballantyne    
  14. “Pan Eviction” sung by Derrick Seales - composed by George La Barrie    
  15. “Pan Jumbie” sung & composed by Genelle Bharat    
  16. “Panoramic” sung by Sekon Sta - composed by Liam Teague     
  17. "People" sung by KES - composed by Kes and Full Blown Entertainment
  18. "Roxanne" sung and composed by Gerelle Forbes
  19. “Soca Have Dem So” sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Mark Loquan & Gregory “GB” Ballantyne    
  20. “Soca Ruption” sung & composed by Simeon Superville    
  21. “Sweet Lime Energy” sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith    
  22. “Sweetest Escape” sung & composed by Gerelle Forbes    
  23. "Tin Ah Ling Ah Ling" sung by Krisson Joseph - composted by Steve Neaves
  24. “Young and Free” sung & composed by Vanessa Headley    

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