KES the Band | New Music/Balloons | T'dad & Tobago 2016

Today is the day that KES the Band debut their first song for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2016. The site (of the music debut) is the Mercury Lounge. It is located at 217 E. Houston St, New York, NY 10002. The telephone contact number is (212) 260-4700. The fans are ready and I am sure Kees can't wait to thrill his fans.

This should be an exciting evening for followers of Kees and the band named after him... 'Kes the Band'. However, don't go running down to the Lounge this evening (start time is 9:30 pm) because the show is sold out! We will post a clip of the events as it becomes available; we have someone going to the show this evening!

Notes from the Mecury Lounge website:
It’s hard to imagine a band playing music to blades of grass would someday take the Caribbean by storm. But that’s exactly how Kes got their start. Formed in 2005 by brothers Kees, Hans and Jon Dieffenthaller, along with friend Riad Boochoon, their upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, a melting pot of peoples, flavors and sounds, has helped them develop their own fusion of sound. One that mixes calypso melodies, rock riffs, island beats, and offbeat rhythms of reggae and taken them from a Caribbean phenomenon to a global musical talent.

Band Information/Members: 
Kees Dieffenthaller- Vocals 
Hans Dieffenthaller- Drums
Jon Dieffenthaller- Guitar 
Riad Boochoon- Bass
Ricardo Rameshwar- Keyboards 
Mario Callender- Keyboards 
Robbie Persaud- DJ & Samples 
Aaron Vereen- Percussion

Genre: Island Pop, Soca
Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Content sourced from:Mercury Lounge NYC  

Update 08/21/2015:
It appears that a few new tracks were sampled last night... hope to have something up soon. The show was a resounding success and people who attended seem to love the new music. A music update is coming soon.

Those who were expecting Carnival music releases did not get their wish. The new songs were Pop/Soca/Reggae/R&B related and are part of an upcoming album release. It should be noted that no one was disappointed with the new tracks and the video clips seen clearly show that everyone really loved the show on a hot New York night. You just can't loose when it comes to KES the Band. Listen to one of the new songs listed below, it  entitled "Balloons".

New Song Release on Yahoo Music: 
Balloons by KES the Band | Press Play to hear the new song. Listen to Kees Dieffeenthaller on lead vocals!

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