International Panorama Competition | Bands & Songs 2015

This is it people, "Pan In Yuh Pwefen" or some may say "Pan In Yuh Rookontookunt"... you can color the language any way you want but there is a buzz, an excitement that is spreading in Trinidad and Tobago and you have the unique opportunity to witness it all!  This is the week that something special will take place and then on Sunday August 9, 2015 it will be the day  that Pan lovers finally see what 'Heaven for Pan' will be like... like yuhself, come out to play and prayer before you leave home. This is one for the record books dear Pan-Lovers and you have the opportunity to say that it happened in your life time... Enjoy it all!

Indeed this is the week that everything falls into place; Trinidad is the place to be for a weekend of "Pantastic" rhythms! The players are expected to arrive in droves for the upcoming steel-band shootout better known as "Panorama". Today we present a list of the bands that will perform and the song they will play to demonstrate their pan wizardry.

The name of the bands that will participate in the International Panorama Competition in Port-of-Spain Trinidad on August 9, 2015 are listed below along with the names of the songs they will play. 

This list was forwarded to Sokah2Soca/Zagada by Mr. Kenny Phillips or WACK Radio 90.1 FM based in San Fernando, Trinidad. Wack radio will provide a live broadcast of the show. The cost of the live HD Video-Stream will be US $9.99. Go to the Wack Radio 90.1 home-page for more information/link to pay for the live stream: WACKRADIO/panlivestream.
  • Trinidad
  • Trinidad
  • US/Brooklyn
  • France
  • Trinidad
  • England/UK
  • St. Martin
  • Trinidad
  • US/Virginia
  • Trinidad
  • Trinidad
  • Maine/US
  • Trinidad
  • Canada 
  • Japan
  • St. Lucia
  • Trinidad 
  • Trinidad
  • Trinidad
  • Canada
  • St.Vincent
  • Trinidad
  • Trinidad
  • Jamaica
Name of Band
  • Arima Golden Symphony
  • BP Renegades Steel Orchestra
  • Brooklyn Steel Orchestra
  • Calypsociation Steelband
  • Curepe Scherzando
  • Ebony Steelband
  • Gunslingers Steel Orchestra
  • Massy T'dad All Stars
  • Mosaic Steel Orchestra
  • N.G.C Steel Xplosion
  • NLCB Buccooneers
  • Pan Coalition
  • Pan Elders Steel Orchestra
  • Pan Fantasy
  • Panorama Steel Orchestra
  • Pantime Steel Orchestra
  • PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars
  • Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove
  • Republic Bank Exodus
  • Salah's Steelpan Academy
  • Starlift Steel Orchestra
  • Super Novas Steek Orchestra
  • T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps
  • UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra
  • Ah Feeling
  • Like Ah Boss
  • Ah Feeling 
  • Prophet of Pan
  • Bassman
  • Ah Feeling
  • Pan Revival
  • Curry Tabanca
  • Pan in a Rage
  • Thunder
  • Gold Remake
  • Outta De Box
  • Party Time Again 
  • Lucy
  • Dance of Phoenix
  • Aunty Pam
  • Edwin's Legacy
  • Woman on the Bass
  • De Puna Band
  • Outta De Box
  • Teaser
  • Dr. Samaroo
  • Pan for Beethoven
  • Pan Commandments
The following expanded information provides the the names of the arrangers and the leaders of the various bands.
  1. Arima Golden Symphony (TT) will play "Ah Feeling" arranged by Terrance "BJ" Marcelle. The leader of the band is Vernor Morancie.
  2. BP Renegades Steel Orchestra (TT) will play Machel Montano's "Like Ah Boss" arranged by Duvone Stewart. The leader of the band is Candice Andrews-Burmant.
  3. Brooklyn Steel Orchestra (USA) will play "Ah Feeling" arranged by Odie Gonzales, Kendall Williams & Marc Brooks. There is co-leadership for this band - Travis Roberts & Kernal Simon.
  4. Calypsoociation Steelband out of France/UK will play "Prophet of Pan" arranged by Mathieu Borgne & Laurent Lalsingue. THe leader of the band is Coline Hammel.
  5. Curepe Scherzando (TT) will pay "Bassman" arranged by Yohan Popwell. The leader of the band is Teddy Neptune
  6. Ebony Steelband (England/UK) will play "Ah Feeling" arranged by Duvone Stewart. The leader of the band is Pepe Francis.
  7. Gunslingers out of Saint Martin will play "Pan Revival" arranged by Aldric Benjamin. The leader of the band is Aldric Benjamin.
  8. Massey Trinidad All Stars (TT) will play "Curry Tabanca" arranged by Leon "Smooth" Edwards. The leader of the band is Beresford Hunte. 
  9. Mosaic Steel Orchestra out of Virginia USA will play "Pan in a Rage" arranged by Jit Samaroo. The leader of the ban dis Dr. Anthony Hailey.
  10. N.G.C Steel Xplosion (TT) will play "Thunder" arranged by Arddin Herbert. The leader of the band is Aaron Reid.
  11. NLCB Buccooneers Steel Orchestra (TT) will play "Gold Remake" arranged by Seion Gomez. The leader of the band is Anthony Hopkins. 
  12. Pan Coalition, out of Maine, USA will play "Outta De Box" arranged by Nigel Chase. The leader of the band is Nigel Chase.
  13. Pan Elders Steel Orchestra (TT) will play "Party Time Again" arranged by Duvone Stewart. The leader of the band is Hollister Smith. 
  14. Pan Fantasy, out of Canada, will play "Lucy" arranged by Al "Allos" Foster. The leader of the band is Wendy Jones.
  15. Panorama Steel Orchestra, out of Japan, will play "Dance of Phoenix" arranged by Yoshihiro Harada. The leader of the band is Yoshihiro Harada.
  16. Pantime Steel Orchestra, out of Saint Lucia, will play "Aunty Pam" arranged by Amrit Samaroo. The leader of the band is Ceclile Philgence. 
  17. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars (TT) will play "Edwin's Legacy" arranged by Liam Teague. The leader of the band is Christine Pouchet. 
  18. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove (TT) will play "Woman on the Bass" arranged by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe. The leader of the band is Errol Skerritt.
  19. Republic Bank Exodus (TT) will play "De Puna Band" arranged by Pelham Goddard. The leader of the band is Ainsworth Mohammed. 
  20. Salah's Steelpan Academy out of Canada will play "Outta De Box" arranged by Salah Wilson. The leader of the band is Salah Wilson.
  21. Starlift Steel Orchestra out of Saint Vincent (SVG) will play Alston Cyrus Becket's "Teaser" arranged by Duvonne Stewart out of Trinidad and Tobago.
  22. Super Novas Steel Orchestra (TT) will play "Dr. Samaroo" arranged by Amrit Samaroo. The leader of the band is Amrit Samaroo.
  23. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps (TT) will play "Pan for Beethoven" arranged by Clarence Morris. The leader of the band is Phillip Morris.
  24. UWI Panoridim Steel Orchesetra out of Jamaica will play "Pan Commandments" arranged by Orane Shaw. The leader of the band is Augustus Peters. 

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