Lucy (Dj Simply E Old School Remix) | Destra Garcia 2K15

I recently posted a new song for this Summer from the Queen of Bacchanal Destra Garcia. "Normal" is the name of the song and it comes from the Belafonte Riddim. It is one of my favorite Summer tracks to date. 

However just recently we were also in love with another track from Destra entitled "Lucy". That track was produced by the Red Boyz out of Barbados. Today I was introduced to a remix of Lucy that takes you back too a different musical time. Something from the past melting with Lucy to bring back past and recent memories.

Here is the SoundCloud music player posted here for your listening pleasure. This one will take you back but keep you firmly planted in the here and now. Just play the track and enjoy the vibez!

Listen to "Lucy", once again, and fall in love with the music once more. This is "Lucy" remixed by DJ Simply E. The song is delivered and labeled as an "Old School Remix". Thanks to my friend who surfs the Internet as "Vushung" for the introduction to this remix. Enjoy the vibez!


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Vushung said…
This is my summer jam.

I have a next one for you though.