International Panorama Competition ICP | Trinidad 2015

ICP Panorama Competition 2015
This is a first of its kind for the steel pan and it takes place in the country of the birth of this marvelous group of instruments. This is all about the glory of playing d'pan in a carnival setting as in the Panorama Competition. It will be on the drag and the big stage at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain Trinidad. "D'Drag" is the sweet music stretch where the bands complete their preparation before taking "d'stage" to compete - this is exciting stuff and a wonderful time/session for lovers of the steel pan in a carnival competitive situation.

This is the first international Panorama competition and it is just the beginning of future years of World Panorama competitions. This is going to be a stellar event... "ah cyar wait for the fun to start"! The following information was sourced from the official site for the competition.

Sourced Information:
Forged out of the civil rights and identity struggles of a young nation, the steel pan remains the newest acoustic instrument on the planet. While the music and use of this versatile and organic instrument has spread far beyond Trinidad and Tobago in the last 100 years, at home, it is still referred to as “the movement”.

The Panorama will be held on August 9 2015. The competition will bring together participants from the approximately thirty-eight (38) steel band playing countries from around the world to compete against each other for the title of ICP Champions 2015.

Here is the link to the rules and regulations for the competition:
Thirty (30) Steel-bands shall be selected to compete in the international Panorama as follows:
  • Twelve (12) from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Five (5) from the Caribbean and Virgin Islands
  • Five (5) from North America
  • Five (5) from Europe
  • Two (2) from Asia
  • One (1) from Africa
6.1 – Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any calypso or soca of their choice.

7.1 – Maximum Points for Adjudication 
Every steel-band shall be marked on the basis of a maximum of 100 points.

7.2 – Adjudication Criteria – Each steel-band shall be awarded points for the following categories:

  • Arrangement – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
  • General Performance – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category
  • Tone – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category
  • Rhythm – a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category.
7.3 – Procedure for Judging the International Panorama – The International Steel-band competition shall be adjudicated in the manner hereinafter outlined: 

  • There shall be a total of Eight (8) judges for the International Steelband competitions.
  • Only Seven (7) judges shall actually deliberate at the competition;
  • The Seven (7) judges to be seated shall be selected by ballot immediately prior to the start of each stage of the competition.
  • The Eighth judge shall be appointed to serve as an alternate and shall take the place of any of the seven seated judges who may be unable to function for the entire stage of the competition for which they have been selected as a judge;
  • In tallying the points earned by the Steelbands during the competition, the highest and lowest points awarded by the judges to a steelband shall be excluded and the score to be awarded shall be the aggregate points of the other five (5) judges.
The decision of the judges shall be final and binding and the International Panorama Management Committee shall not entertain any protest with regard to judging.

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