Panorama Semi Finals 2015/T'dad & Tobago | Large Bands

Pan in D'Savannah and Port-of-Spain is alive with the sweet sound of the Steel Pan once again. Today the bands will compete for a place in the finals in the Semi-Final round of competition at the Queen's Park Savannah. Pan lovers from all over the World will get the opportunity to hear their favorite band/bands deliver scintillating performances. There are fifteen bands listed to perform today.

Here is the listing of the bands in the "Large Band Category" and the order of appearance:
Name of Band
  1. La Brea Nightingales
  2. Birdsong
  3. Renegades
  4. Redemption Sound Setters
  5. Invaders
  6. Desperadoes
  7. Trinidad All Stars
  8. Silver Stars
  9. Harmonites
  10. Phase II Pan Groove
  11. Exodus
  12. Fonclaire
  13. Skiffle
  14. Starlift
  15. Tropical Angel Harps
Name of Song
  1. Pan on the Road
  2. Pan Magic
  3. Jam Dem Hard
  4. Pan on the Road
  5. This Melody Sweet
  6. Pan Hooray
  7. Unquestionable
  8. Edwin's Legacy
  9. Outta De Box
  10. Happiness
  11. De Puna Band
  12. Sweet 50
  13. Celebration
  14. Ah Feeling
  15. Pan for Beethoven
Name of Arranger
  1. Terrance "BJ" Marcelle
  2. Andy Narell
  3. Duvone Stewart
  4. Michael Toby
  5. Arddin  Herbert
  6. Robert Greenidge
  7. Leon "Smooth" Edwards
  8. Liam Teague
  9. Seion Gomez
  10. Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
  11. Pelham Goddard
  12. Ken "Professor" Philmore
  13. Ray Holman
  14. Keith Salcedo
  15. Clarence Morris
Live video feed via CTV/When Steel Talks at the following link: CTV/Panorama Semi-Finals

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