Chucky Repeats as Calypso Monarch for Carnival 2015 | Trinidad & Tobago

Who could win it all? Who had two songs to dethrone the reigning Monarch  of Carnival 2014? Well it appeared that most of the singers were trying hard not to win... and some were rewarded for so doing. This one has left a lot of people scratching their heads (again). Maybe it was the dull showing that lulled the judges resulting in head scratching results. 

It appears that there were several groups of 'talented people' judging different categories of each performance. The total points were added and the winner announced. It is my humble opinion that each judge should have judged each singer's performance in totality. Each judge should adjudicate and score points for lyrics, presentation, melody and performance. However, the judges were broken into groups with each group responsible for one aspect of the artist's presentation on stage. 

I can't fault the choice of the winner chosen but I don't understand how Duane O'Connor beat out Tigress when Duane clearly had a disappointing first round of competition. I am sure there are many disappointed people with similar questions. So be it! Let's not cry over spilt milk!

The one position that everyone should be comfortable with it that of the Calypso Monarch selected. Congratulations to Roderick "Chucky" Gordon... he deserved to win tonight!

Here are the Official Results For the Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015; Chucky Gordon retains the crown!

The Results:
  1. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon (Calypso Monarch for Carnival 2015)
  2. Devon Seale
  3. Karene Asche
  4. Heather McIntosh
  5. Selvon Noel aka Mistah Shak
  6. Brian London
  7. Duane O'Connor
  8. Myron Bryce aka The Incredible Myron B
  9. Joanne Rowley aka Tigress
  10. Queen Victoria
  11. Neville Brown aka Bunny B
  12. Winston Scarborough aka The Original De Fosto Himself

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