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Here are your finalists for the International Soca Monarch Competition scheduled to take place at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on Fantastic Friday (Friday February 13th, 2015).

It was a very disappointing Semi Final round of competition in my humble opinion. Many of the artists who have excellent studio recordings were unable to perform well live. Many artists were literally shouting while a few were out of breath and could not vocalize well. It was a damn mess in my opinion. Don't believe me? Well look at the Power Soca finalists and ask yourself the following question: How did Nikki Crosby end up in the finals?

Regardless of how I feel about the semi final performances, I will still tune in to take in the show on Friday February 13th, 2015. If the Power Soca singers continue with the same style of performances then Machel Monatano will repeat as Monarch in that category. In the Groovy Soca category there will be a new Monarch since Kerwin Du Bois has decided not to defend the title he won last year (new rule change - the monarch does not have to defend the title). I am supporting Destra Garcia to win this title since I love the song "Lucy" and Destra can bring it on stage... 

Here are the listings for performers/songs scheduled to compete in the International Soca Monarch competitions: Groovy and Power Soca. The listing was provided by the International Soca Monarch Show producers and sourced from the promoters Facebook home page.

Here are the artists that will compete in the finals for the now vacant Groovy Soca Monarch title. Last year's winner, Kerwin Du Bois will not defend his title:
 Sobriquet/Name of Singer
  1. Darryl Henry | Farmer Nappy
  2. Destra Garcia | Destra
  3. Devon Martin | Lyrikal
  4. Dexter Stewart | Blaxx
  5. Erphaaan Alves | Erphaan Alves
  6. Gamal Doyle | Skinny Fabulous (SVG)
  7. Kendrick George | Chow Chow
  8. Nadia Batson | Nadia
  9. Nicholas Sealy | Fadda Fox (Barbados)
  10. Olatunji Yearwook | Ola
  11. Osvaldo Reid/Reshawn Ince | Leadpipe & Saddis (Barbados)
  12. Ricardo Drue | Drue (Antigua)
  13. Rodney Le Blanc | Benjai
  14. Roderick Gordon | Chucky
Name of Song
  1. My House
  2. Lucy
  3. Cloud 9
  4. Moving Up
  5. Tanty
  6. Anywhere We Step
  7. Saga Boy
  8. Cooler Fete
  9. Ducking
  10. Ola
  11. Ah Feeling Nice
  12. Vagabond
  13. Phenomenal
  14. Doh Take It On
Here are the artists that will compete in the finals for the International Power Soca Monarch Title. Machel Montano is the defending Monarch:
Sobriquet/Name of Singer
  1. Dexter Stewart - Blaxx
  2. Heaven Charles - Snakey
  3. Hollice Mapp - Mr.Killa (Grenada)
  4. Kernal Roberts - Kitch
  5. Keshorn Hazzard/S.Marshall-Squeeze Head/Shal (TT/GRD)
  6. Kris Persad - KI
  7. Machel Montano | Monk Monté- (Defending Monarch)
  8. Neil Iwer George | Iwer "King" George
  9. Nikki Crosby - Granny
  10. Patrice Roberts - Patrice
  11. Shurwayne Winchester -Shurwayne (Tobago)
Name of Song
  1. Badness
  2. Cyah Rhyme
  3. Panty Dropper
  4. Excitement
  5. Turbo Charge
  6. Flags
  7. Erupt
  8. Red
  9. Go Granny
  10. Drink
  11. We Pumping
Soca Monarch Finals Order of Appearance Update:
Check the Order of Appearance for the finals scheduled to take place on Fantastic Friday at the Haseley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad at a the following link: Soca Monarch Finals 2015/Order of Appearance.

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